Medium frequency induction heating equipment normal operation of all mechanical problems that frequently occur

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-17
Medium frequency induction heating equipment in the intermediate frequency, smelting, heat treatment, welding, welding and other manufacturing industries often appear widely used, but don't know because of large mechanical equipment of power electronic components is easy to lead to mechanical failure due to overheating. Induction furnace widely applied in manufacturing industries, such as medium frequency heat treatment electric welding welding different scope of application of induction furnace have different requirements, so the medium frequency induction heating equipment of control circuit and the main principle of switch power supply has the structure of the different methods, only in mastering this kind of switch power supply principle, the basic principle and the basic characteristic of the power electronic devices, most of the can quickly * to in-depth analysis of the mechanical failure reason to adopt effective measures to prevent failure test. In this way carries on the discussion to equipment failure and maintenance. Medium frequency induction heating equipment normal operation of all mechanical failure of the ( 1) Mechanical failure of mechanical equipment operation normal, but when b: everything is all right to flow to maintain position fuse in the SCR and destroyed more than K. Analysis when handling CLP traffic maintenance easy to electric mechanical energy release of the flat wave reactor, rectifier bridge by the rectifier to the inverter power supply condition, at the moment if a = 150, will also damaged active inverter power supply subvert multivessel thyristor and the fast fuse, power always switch power, and with a huge problem up, short-circuit fault current value is very big for transformer lead to destructive, current value and magnetic force is damage is serious situation. ( 2) Mechanical failure mechanical equipment operation normal but by-pass reactor heat damage. Deal with medium frequency induction heating equipment by analyzing by-pass reactor hot destruction to the key reason: by-pass reactor itself quality is not good; Inverter circuits exist different operation, the important cause of inverter circuit is not the same as running from network signal control circuit.
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