Medium frequency induction heating equipment From Germany technology Foshan constant Yang mechanical and electrical company

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-17
Traditional medium frequency induction heating equipment, though better technical development trend, the mechanical energy frequency respectively considering all kinds of heat treatment, but it has many defects, for example, in the case of high frequency diesel generators, * highlighted problem is difficult, long production period, production manufacturing is low, must not consider manufacturing industry, and even into heat treatment manufacture industry development trend. Foshan constant Yang medium frequency induction heating equipment in addition to traditional medium frequency induction heating equipment generating units also have high noise and large vibration, must be professional basic civil engineering, is not easy to keep the whole heating process automation technology defects such as: for the rectifier tube shock switch power supply, its * highlighted problem is the intermediate frequency induction heating equipment throughout the equipment efficiency is too low, only 50%. At the present stage national total installed capacity of this kind of switch power supply of nearly 2. 5 million kilowatts, such a huge energy consumption equipment, lead to more serious wasteful power. Traditional medium frequency induction heating equipment also have components short work period, large volume and a lot of consumption goods, high working voltage and electromagnetic pollution is more serious problems. High frequency diesel generator and rectifier switch power supply shock switch power no matter on the exterior structure and power supply circuit in common.
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