Medium frequency induction heating equipment for cooling water - some of the requirements Foshan constant Yang mechanical and electrical company

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-17
Medium frequency induction heating equipment of medium frequency power supply, intermediate frequency compensation capacitor, bus is the high current density of the conductive body, itself produces heat in the process of power transmission, therefore, need to cooling water circulation cooling. The stand or fall of medium frequency induction heating equipment cooling the stand or fall of a complete set of equipment operation, has a close relationship with the cost of the equipment operation, longevity and stability, etc. , not simply in a water mouth connected to water. Medium frequency induction heating equipment it is advisable to use cooling water to soft water, why? Because a lot of experiments show that the cooling water in the hardness of 8 ° DH, the scale of about 50 ℃ temperature. The lower the hardness, scaling temperature will increase. Cooling water is not as pure as possible, pure distilled water is not salty and impurities, the cooling performance than slightly saline water, the water content is more than 10 mg/L (containing CaO The equivalent of 1 ° DH German hardness) , the cooling effect is better than pure water. In addition, we also need to remind everybody is, medium frequency induction heating equipment for the water temperature is not lower, the better, in low temperature through will make cooling element surface condensation, decreased electrical insulation performance. Water inlet cooling water temperature is close to room temperature, in and out of the water should have a certain pressure difference ( 3~4kg/cm2) Medium frequency induction heating equipment, to ensure that each branch of the cooling water flow under a certain velocity will have a good cooling effect, but also avoid the water bubbles and affect the cooling effect. What are the heat treatment quenching cooling medium heat treatment process cooling what's important role in the process of quenching furnace cooling process knowledge, heat treatment often induction quenching cooling technology with continuous cooling method
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