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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-18
Heng Yang production of medium frequency induction hardening equipment we use accurate sensors or electromagnetic induction coil and can control the voltage and current oscillation frequency, can accurately control the depth of hardening, usually applies to metal surface hardening. All mechanical transmission, the design novel, elegant appearance, small size structure, complete functions, apply to the company form a complete set of intermediate frequency power supply equipment can be used fully automated control. Main characteristics: (medium frequency induction hardening equipment 1) Hardening machine cabinet body structure, electrical equipment, water cooling circulation system are installed cabinets, cabinet equipped with lights dashboard and positive control switch button, built-in water-cooled highly fit, convenient and practical; ( 2) Ferrite quenching inverter transformer, circuit simplicity; ( 3) Breaker medium frequency compensation capacitance with the adjusting electric capacity; ( 4) Equipment set outside the intermediate frequency electromagnetic contactor, to prevent the main cabinet vibration influence; ( 5) Using microprocessor control process can be in the heat to the cold. Foshan heng Yang mechanical and electrical equipment co. , LTD. The production of intermediate frequency induction quenching equipment is widely used in forging heating, suitable for bar, round steel, square steel, steel plate heating, temperature, quenching material on-line heating, local heating, metal composite material online forging ( Such as gear and axle shaft connecting rod, bearings and other precision forging) Before, extrusion, hot rolling, shear heating, spraying heating, hot assembly and overall conditioning metal composite materials, quenching, annealing, tempering heat treatment, etc. We combined with nearly 10 years of experience in marketing services, launched a lifelong technical service project: heng Yang technical team to provide users with talent training plan, free, persistent for the rest of my life. We from equipment selection, energy use, the equipment maintenance and common troubleshooting and other all-round perspective on curriculum, for users to develop special use medium frequency induction furnace. Foshan heng Yang mechanical and electrical equipment company to build a set of quick and thoughtful after-sales service system modernization, to provide users with worry, save money, save the zero distance of after-sales service, we provide users with not only a full range of one to one engineer on site, including the international and domestic a line brand more electronic components supply of quality. Heng Yang made equipment at the core of the electronic components to choose first-class brand, and create a strict supplier access mechanism, create a rigorous system of purchased parts quality inspection at the same time, each installed electronic components to create a circulation, the quality of the each set of electronic components installed are can control the traceability.
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