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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-18
Medium frequency induction furnace ballast phase: common faults mainly for work if abnormal noise, larger output voltage rise not top rated current, and switch power supply cabinet strange songs increases, this time can reduce the output voltage at 200 v, you use digital oscilloscope observation ballast working voltage waveform of the output ( Digital oscilloscope should be placed switching power supply with step) , everything was normal when typing work voltage waveform each cycle time were six wave type, lack of two phase time. Medium frequency induction furnace equipment, the common failures because ballasts an SCR no open single pulse or open blocked off, this time should be add digital oscilloscope see six rectifier thyristor gate single pulse, if have, standby after the intermediate frequency induction furnace is measured with a digital multimeter * each gate resistor, will jam or gate resistor that only SCR replacement can be very big. Medium frequency induction furnace three bridge inverter power supply work: common faults mainly, the output power flow is very large, empty when the furnace, and the power supply cabinet work when the noise is very thick, after starting the power output knobs to * less parts, can detect the high frequency output voltage is higher than when everything is all right. Use digital oscilloscope has observed four inverter power source of SCR anodic oxidation - The cathode voltage wave pattern in the middle of the work. Medium frequency induction furnace melting three bridge arm of the work if the intermediate frequency induction furnace, can be seen in the inverter power supply of the adjacent two thyristor wave type everything is normal, and adjacent two can only be a no wave type, the other for sine waveform, KK2 open clogged, the anodic oxidation anode middle wave type is a sine waveform; Conducting additional Kk2 can create KK1 can't shut down, so the KK1 two side, there is no wave type. Medium frequency induction furnace is widely applied to all walks of life
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