Medium frequency induction furnace The iron and steel industry development trend

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-16
Medium frequency induction furnace ironmaking smelting steel matching is that quality is not good, it is traditional historical legacy of misunderstanding. Along with the development trend of medium frequency induction furnace, and replace the outdated production capacity to promote, medium frequency induction furnace ironmaking molten steel making process in continuous improvement, not only expand the duty forge with medium frequency induction furnace for melting steel furnace volume, in order to ensure the furnace *, also according to improve raw material purity and use oxygen blowing, blowing argon and purified to miscellaneous, make clear desolventizing, homogeneous, to guarantee the quality of raw materials. For the non-ferrous metal industry, due to the manufacturing process requirements is relatively high alloy steel, manufacturers in the production of manufacturing may use iron and steel scrap recycling materials, see more pure broken iron and steel scrap, to control its composition *. In addition, to facilitate better improve the quality of the products, many of the intermediate frequency induction furnace ironmaking smelting enterprises are also equipped with AOD, LF refining furnace and other mechanical equipment. Now we have a lot of different goods at the entrance of, also in the use of medium frequency induction furnace production. Therefore, people can not have a uniform feel medium frequency induction furnace in iron manufacturing stainless steel plank is said DeTiaoGang, DeTiaoGang more focused on refers to in the home to do production workshop manufacturing factory, no rolling rolling, use small medium frequency induction furnace, according to the smelting of fake and shoddy scrap metal, casting molding immediately counterfeit stainless steel plate, its character and quality cannot be guaranteed. In terms of comprehensive, for the development of social economy caused DeTiaoGang discussion, direct reason is the definition of DeTiaoGang unclear cause. For carbon-steel DeTiaoGang define more clear at a glance. While for stainless steel plate, defines a vaguely, and differences of the up and down or so difficulty. Therefore, since then have what harm, in the non-ferrous metal industry is the people also had an interview with a part of the medium frequency induction furnace ironmaking enterprise, expressed the manufacture everything is normal, not suffer harm. Medium frequency induction furnace Can be divided into two most, mechanical equipment and electrical equipment - medium frequency induction furnace Good - medium frequency induction furnace temperature process control system Common micro faults in intermediate frequency induction furnace has the advantages and characteristics of foshan good effect in medium frequency induction furnace electromagnetic stirring equipment more intermediate frequency induction furnace, energy saving High output without artificial control
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