Medium frequency induction furnace Suitable for metal smelting

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-09-27
Metal smelting is the primary condition of forging manufacturing, * metal smelting machinery equipment and production process to ensure qualified liquid metal composite materials, for cast iron is a crucial effect on quality. Now forging production line, metal smelting important divided into molten metal melting aluminium furnace, intermediate frequency induction electric furnace, medium frequency induction furnace duplex melting aluminium furnace + metal smelting gas crucible furnace, electric arc furnace, metal smelting and metal smelting, etc. Intermediate frequency induction electric furnace in the forging enterprise manufacturing now, have specific showed obvious ecological environment protection, flexible manufacturing and automatic control level of institutions of higher learning advantage. Along with the electrical equipment and the development trend of network technology, 'went on two', 'yi tuo three' professional slowly stable power supply and distribution system, as well as to the improvement of the ecological civilization construction, medium frequency induction furnace in auto parts, diesel engine, ship big small and medium-sized castings, wind power generation with parts, railway electric locomotive with prefabricated, the centrifugal casting pipe fittings, prefabricated construction machinery spare parts, motor, refrigeration units, prefabricated prefabricated, machining center and the elevator with iron manufacturing industry increasingly extensive application are obtained. Medium frequency induction furnace is suitable for all kinds of metal melting cast iron and aluminum profile is very suitable for cast iron and ductile casting manufacturing requirements. High frequency induction coil of large metal smelting machinery equipment production coordination automation technology technical strength is high, and is equipped with dual power transformer power supply system and process control system, in addition has the metal melting and heat preservation and heat insulation effect, its application prospect is broad. Medium frequency induction furnace The methods of dealing with the common faults and fault phase
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