Medium frequency induction furnace Stir the carburization process also cannot ignore

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-18
Iron liquid mixing carbon can promote growth, so weak mixing of medium frequency induction furnace and mixing good dc medium frequency induction furnace *, add much carbon is relatively difficult, and intermediate frequency induction furnace carbonization not metal composite materials of the melting speed of smelting waste. Even mixing good dc intermediate frequency induction furnace, carbonization process also cannot ignore. This because, from the principle of intermediate frequency induction electric furnace smelting figure ShuZhi, medium frequency induction furnace running memory have separate mixing tielui, up and down near the boundary of the furnace wall there are blind spots. Stay in the furnace wall, adhesion of high purity graphite ball if not too much to ask * soft iron liquid thermal insulation is not melt into liquid iron. Too much iron liquid soft * of heat preservation and heat insulation, expansion of iron liquid super-cooling degree, have of white cast iron tends to ascension. In addition, for in the vicinity of a wall led to strong in terms of the induced current medium frequency induction furnace, if stick on the wall of high purity graphite ball into the middle of iron liquid, when on to the next furnace smelting, to melt into metal composite material, resulting in erosion and harm of furnace wall. Therefore, in the waste steel high configuration, plus recarburizer more cases, plus recarburizer to pay more attention to. Why is widely applied to the intermediate frequency induction furnace medium frequency induction furnace in all walks of life - Common faults and processing method of intermediate frequency induction furnace - phase Suitable for metal smelting
rolling mill machine steel continuous casting machine, as the name suggests, find extensive use in steel shell furnace institutions. Since coreless type induction furnace has become much dependent on technology in today's world, there is wide use of such electric metal melting furnace.
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