Medium frequency induction furnace pulse transformer common faults

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-16
Medium frequency induction furnace pulse transformer technology of common failures an intermediate frequency induction electric furnace is not stable and frequent fluctuations of inverter power lift couldn't answer: the thyristor inverter control? The control panel in the see inverter will be triggered lead Angle is too big, intermediate frequency voltage is greater than 15 times of dc voltage direct current (dc) down, current, power is not high. The difference between cast iron and cast steel medium frequency furnace maintenance a: raw iron hard and brittle, lack of toughness, carbon content 211% 667% more iron carbon alloy and nonferrous impurities. Cast iron is more than 21% of the iron carbon carbon alloy, it is to cast iron ( Part of pig iron for steel making) In the furnace. In the process of the medium frequency induction heating furnace heating medium frequency voltage and dc voltage drop a: your problem description is not detailed, no specific types of equipment, can best describe the specific point again, and the current situation. But personally, I guess you this case, the device should be no problem, should be the current limit. What are the common faults intermediate frequency furnace? Medium frequency induction furnace pulse transformer common faults a: common fault analysis and processing method of intermediate frequency furnace: first: fault phenomenon: equipment cannot be started, started only dc ammeter have instructions, dc voltage no instructions, intermediate frequency voltage. Analysis: a trigger pulse is short of inverter. Principle of intermediate frequency induction furnace power supply a: ac mains after rectifying filtering into dc power supply, and then control circuit by controlling the switch tube of the conduction and conduction time frequency, dc willing to wave into a certain pulse width and frequency of square wave, and then through the coil in the form of electromagnetic waves outward. Principle of intermediate frequency induction furnace answer: don't say ground water, tap water is all not line, must use distilled water or deionized water cooling. Intermediate frequency furnace is using the principle of electromagnetic induction heating, induction coil is a copper solenoid, through intermediate frequency electric current to produce alternating magnetic field on the furnace. Medium frequency induction furnace operation procedures of answer: 1 should notice before blowing in intermediate frequency units operation personnel starting units, at the same time, should check the furnace, cooling water system, medium frequency power supply switch, tilting furnace machinery and sling bag orbit is normal, trench cover, whether the defect cover. Should first if you have any questions. Medium frequency induction furnace is an overview of the intermediate frequency induction furnace pulse transformer common faults answer: medium frequency induction furnace is used in the 150 - current frequency The range of 8000 hz power supply of the induction furnace. The most used frequency is 150 - 2500Hz。 With the increase of furnace capacity, reduce the frequency of use of current. Domestic capacity of medium frequency induction furnace from 50 kg. Medium frequency induction heating furnace operation over-voltage after how to fix a: first of all to determine when the overvoltage protection circuit device work? Overpressure indicate no, if yes, specify protect normal ( Overpressure table shows data and setting data attached) Otherwise is overpressure ran to the new setting is next. The characteristics of medium frequency induction furnace answer: ( 1) Melting with high efficiency power-saving effect is good, compact structure, strong overload capacity. ( 2) Low temperature around the stove, smoke less, good working environment. ( 3) Simple technology, melting operation and reliable operation. ( 4) Metal ingredients evenly. ( 5) Melting heat up quickly. Medium frequency induction furnace pulse transformer common faults technical data medium frequency induction furnace why out medium frequency induction furnace pulse transformer common faults answer: a chemical composition adjustment is not easy. ZGMn13Cr2MoVTi afraid of a steel grade, such as smelting in medium frequency furnace smelting, is more difficult. When all molten steel, sampling to do during the test, high temperature molten steel to the harm of lining is bigger, too. Why intelligent medium frequency induction furnace with high efficiency? A medium frequency induction furnace pulse transformer common failures: intelligent principle of electromagnetic induction medium frequency induction furnace, the heat inside the workpiece itself, ordinary workers with intermediate frequency electric furnace to work after ten minutes for the task of forging work continuously, without burning furnace burning furnace and furnace workers in advance. Medium frequency induction furnace heating medium frequency induction furnace slow pulse transformer common faults a: induction coil material is not appropriate, the resistivity is too large, or contact problem, lead to too much resistance, consumes electricity. What are the intermediate frequency induction furnace cooling way? A: medium frequency induction furnace cooling method is commonly used high frequency heating machine: why do you want to water? Medium frequency induction furnace to water, because the machine work under high power condition when cooling. Such as power components main rectifier and IGBT or MOSFET. Please tell me the working principle of the intermediate frequency induction furnace? A: the basic principle of medium frequency coreless induction furnace belongs to a type of air core transformer, induction coil is equivalent to the primary winding of the transformer, and internal metal crucible furnace charge is equivalent to the transformer secondary windings ( Both load) When in junior.
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