Medium frequency induction furnace Intermediate frequency equivalent circuit impedance change is not much

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-17
When starting, medium frequency induction heating furnace process and work voltage, voltage feedback due to work have no, voltage controller output increase. Basic parameters due to the change, and promote the current value information feedback index value decreased, the intermediate frequency current worth to intermediate frequency equipment output moment current value * big, lead to destructive current value, only when the work voltage loop in overshoot, has just started to reduce the output current value, by load management decisions. Because there are a lot of inductor in the medium frequency induction furnace, system software adjustment reply slowly. As it is concluded that the improvement of work voltage, more damaging current value; Destructive of SCR is big also, speeds up the deterioration of the brake pipe, caused the SCR fatigue breakdown. As electronic embrittlement, basic parameters change simulation process control system and promote the thyristor inverter power supply control circuit to open the advanced Angle of ( 42. 89). , low power factor, 0. 733). As intermediate frequency of work, even if the output voltage and frequency current value, but the active power output is not high, medium frequency induction heating furnace heating expected effect is poor. Generally speaking, in the process of medium frequency induction furnace, according to the ohm's law, load changes with temperature, and the basic parameters such as medium frequency equivalent circuit impedance expansion; But when the temperature changes slowly, the intermediate frequency equivalent circuit impedance change is not much. When intermediate frequency concluded the work voltage stable, although with the operation of the heating equipment, due to heating the desired effect is poor, medium frequency equivalent circuit impedance change is not much, working voltage feedback improve slowly, leading to medium frequency current value changes slowly, namely system * work in large current value condition, also easy to cause deterioration of SCR. Medium frequency induction furnace Low energy consumption and high heating efficiency, zero pollution medium frequency induction furnace and how much will it cost? Which is cheap? How much price of medium frequency induction heating furnace medium frequency induction heating furnace applications
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