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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-16
We heng Yang enterprises choose thyristor medium frequency induction furnace automatic control system, the digital dc regulated power supply transform the basis theory of relay control, reliability and high output power anti interference, automatic tracking, without artificial control of the work content, automatic matching load and switching power supply. Because of over current, over voltage, phase failure, pressure is not enough security protection work ability, to allow all common faults actual operation of the machine equipment is not easy to damage the components, reducing the intermediate frequency furnace application and maintenance of machinery and equipment. Heat through the intermediate frequency induction furnace equipment, melting, welding, such as for polysilicon applications, quenched and tempered treatment, calcinations. Medium frequency induction furnace can improve temperature feedback rules and regulations, constitute a closed loop control on the temperature automatic adjustment system software: separate attached machine temperature ascension, for more than just push fake pass steel average temperatures, professional outlets in addition, PLC or acceptance of industrial touch screen, industrial production machinery and equipment control and heating system, intelligent control system and intelligent high precision temperature of smelting temperature control instrument control coupling. Medium frequency induction furnace smelting medium frequency induction furnace are commonly used in the 150 - power supply frequency Within the scope of 10000 hz induction heating furnace as medium frequency induction furnace, the key in the 1502500 hz frequency areas. Domestic small frequency medium frequency induction furnace frequency switch power supply is 150, 1000 and 2500 hz. Use of medium frequency induction furnace is a kind of smelter of high quality steel and aluminum alloy smelting equipment, high frequency induction heat treatment furnace cost relative bargain but some are very easy to destroy. Foshan medium frequency induction furnace good effect of electromagnetic stirring device more power-saving micro medium frequency induction furnace has the advantages and characteristics
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