Medium frequency induction furnace Good temperature process control system

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-16
The role of the intermediate frequency induction furnace fuzzy: this is the quantity of the input is transformed into fuzzy quantity. Knowledge base system: the standard library database query and fuzzy control of two part, specification information content and control is used to store data information. Fuzzy reasoning, fuzzy reasoning is a blur controller is important, it has simulated people vaguely defined logic judgment based on professional ability. The logic process is based on a blur contains the relationship of logic of thinking and logic judgment standard. Medium frequency induction furnace equipment clarifications: medium frequency induction furnace is the role of embarrassment for fuzzy reasoning to get the amount of control ( A blur amount) Transform for actual amount is used to control the number. Vaguely the content of the controller design to establish a blur controller of input variables and output variables ( The amount of control) The values and their belong to the number of degrees of culvert, including language. Choose a blur theory domain controller of the input and output variables. Design a blur controller control specification, create blurred and the poor Also called motivation) Methods. Intermediate frequency induction furnace melting pot in short medium frequency induction furnace temperature control system, and is easy to make as temperature, pressure, and to control the overall goal was heating up the ingredients of content such as electrostatic force constants, specification change and influence in the process of load cases, remained in advance of the default values, and automatically adjust temperature, make medium frequency induction furnace is in good condition. Medium frequency induction furnace The common faults in intermediate frequency induction furnace High output without artificial control foshan good effect in medium frequency induction furnace electromagnetic stirring equipment more power-saving micro medium frequency induction furnace has the advantages and characteristics
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