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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-16
Principle is: the application of medium frequency induction furnace three-phase bridge type all control inverter circuit to alternating current rectifier for alternating current (ac), the series reactor after flat wave, into a stable dc current source, repass single-phase electric bridge inverter power supply, the ac current inverter for a certain frequency ( Generally between 1000 and 8000 hz) Flow of single phase electric high-frequency electric load consists of electromagnetic coil and the compensation capacitance, series resonant power supply circuit. Medium frequency induction furnace equipment general situation, to the common faults of medium frequency induction furnace switch power supply in accordance with the common fault condition is divided into totally can't start and start after all can't work normally in two categories. As a general standard, when abnormal, should be shut off the power under the condition of an overall inspection on all system, it includes the following several aspects: medium frequency induction furnace melting switch power: use a digital multimeter measure medium frequency induction furnace main circuit switch ( Ac contactor) And manipulation of the insurance is there, behind that will remove the components to the probability that the short circuit. Ballast, ballast selects three-phase fully-controlled bridge rectifier circuit, which includes six fuse, six thyratron, six pulse transformer and a fly-wheel diode. In intermediate frequency induction furnace fuse with a bright red indicator, indicator curled up inside the casing when everything is all right, when broken fuse burned it will pop up, some of fuse indicator too close, broken when burning of fuse, it get stuck inside, so on and correct, to be able to use digital multimeter fuse in the on-off pay measure, to distinguish it is burn out. Medium frequency induction furnace High output without artificial control foshan good effect in medium frequency induction furnace electromagnetic stirring equipment more power-saving micro medium frequency induction furnace has the advantages and characteristics
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