Medium frequency induction furnace Can be divided into two most, mechanical equipment and electrical equipment

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-16
Medium frequency induction furnace: common power supply transformer frequency within 150 ~ 100001 z category, its common frequency within 150 ~ 2500 hz category. Medium frequency induction furnace must be dc frequency conversion equipment. Medium frequency induction furnace is widely used in steel and aluminum alloy manufacture enterprise, and also has been widely used in forging enterprise. Medium frequency induction furnace equipment can be divided into two most, mechanical equipment and electrical equipment. Mechanical equipment including furnace, furnace equipment and water cooled radiator system software. Electrical equipment including intermediate frequency induction furnace and electric control system, compensation capacitor Banks server maintenance system software. Medium frequency induction furnace is the key to the intermediate frequency induction furnace equipment, to improve the utilization rate of electric equipment, typically a set of switch power supply, machinery and equipment configuration two furnace, a furnace production use, another furnace embedded. When a furnace crucible with be sure to remove the damaged electrical equipment can receive another pot has on the furnace wall, work again. Furnace replacement work, and electrical equipment does not cease. The structure of the medium frequency induction furnace is made with copper tube single coil magnet coil, and in the water cooled radiator magnet coil with fire insulation materials hitch crucible to accommodate smelting metal composite materials. Medium frequency induction furnace generally consists of four part: power transformer, furnace, The key is on the electromagnetic induction coil and the electromagnetic induction coil heat preservation and heat insulation fire prevention materials of crucible) , the capacitor group ( To improve the power factor) , control, and the web server. Medium frequency induction furnace Good - medium frequency induction furnace temperature process control system The common faults in intermediate frequency induction furnace High output without artificial control foshan good effect in medium frequency induction furnace electromagnetic stirring equipment more power-saving micro medium frequency induction furnace has the advantages and characteristics
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