Medium frequency induction furnace application considerations - at 10 Foshan constant Yang mechanical and electrical company

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-18
In this paper, medium frequency melting furnace as an example, the paper expounds the matters of attention in the application of enterprises in the use of: ( 1) Medium frequency induction furnace should use special rectifier transformer, improve the power supply voltage, and limit the no-load operation of the transformer. ( 2) Standard installation, shorten the connection between high pressure, transformers, intermediate frequency power supply, electric furnace, choose high purity of T2 copper or oxygen-free copper, especially the induction coil and water cooled cable, increase its cross-sectional area can effectively reduce the current heat loss. ( 3) According to the casting process to choose the right medium frequency electric furnace capacity and frequency, increase power density to improve the efficiency of melting, reduce the additional loss. ( 4) Preferred with steel shell of the furnace cover, reduce furnace wall and the oven heat loss and magnetic loss. Furnace shell in the operation process to prevent the metal contact form a short circuit. ( 5) Make reasonable casting process, from the shape, material, melting, pouring, heat treatment, such as cleaning technique specification operation, scientific management, in order to reduce energy consumption. ( 6) Strengthen the equipment management and maintenance, reduce the failure rate, ensure production run smoothly. ( 7) Check all the connection part of the contact conduction system are in good condition, especially the water-cooled cables and induction coil joint screw fastening, insulation, insulation boots must be tested once a year. ( 8) In smelting process are strictly prohibited without electricity for water supply, smelting process should pay attention to the water temperature and water pressure at any time, keep the water pressure in 0. 1 to 0. 3 mpa, keep water temperature under 55 °. ( 9) Loading operation, to cold wet burden should be dry, not directly to join within the molten metal cutting in the middle of the first furnace had better avoid to use when using, because the metal cutting can penetrate the lining clearance; Chamber of a stove or furnace must be heat up to 1000 ℃, can pour into liquid iron, heat can add iron induction heating furnace. ( 10) Burden to freeze sealing time cannot too long, lest cause the stove explosion accident; After good sintering furnace lining, appropriate USES 30 to 50% of the rated power, more than 5 furnace for continuous work.
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