Medium frequency induction coil, furnace closed solution

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-05-03
Intermediate frequency furnace cooling water must be equipped with a filter before charging, some users directly extract as an intermediate frequency furnace cooling water of the water in the river, so the water in the foreign body induction coil, it is easy to jam, even without a foreign body into the induction coil, but time is long in brass internal scale forming the cooling water flow rate of induction coil, reduce induction coil, resulting in poor drainage systems influence the overall performance of the intermediate frequency furnace! Medium frequency induction coil, induction coil, furnace removing solution in closed condition, if we can probably find the closed position, induction coil, can use iron wire to copper pipe, two end first, find the shortest distance, can see the stuff inside the hook out, if it is a scale oxide, induction coil, plug, etc by injection of dilute sulphuric acid solution, if it is other sundry don't melt, and can't check it out. Only the gum wooden poles apart, induction coil, induction coil, coil, induction coil, burn the brass (until heated to a definite temperature Don't burn red is no problem) , it is ok to put sundry burn inside. If you know the general location can also be used oxygen partial heating can also, don't make as far as possible when the heating coil deformation is too large, or put back a little bit of a problem. The above method the effect is good, no harm to induction coil used also has no effect. Quality guarantee: strictly the design, procurement, manufacturing, inspection and so on each link, ensure products of high performance. Induction coil: there is strict technical requirements, high temperature winding, pickling and passivation, varnished, bandage mica tape glass ribbon, dip coating, drying, etc. , both before and after the assembly test should pass 5 kg water pressure for 15 minutes. Using rectangular copper thick wall tube winding, high intensity, good energy saving effect. Induction coil design was optimized by using design software, the power consumption to a minimum. High strength of the coil fixed technology, prolong the service life. Yoke: high quality cold-rolled steel, profile structure, better joint external coil, avoid damage to the coil, a magnetic yoke inclusive area is large, to minimize the magnetic flux leakage, save energy consumption, reduce noise and vibration. On both sides of the stainless steel clamp silicon steel sheet, after the overall form of welding, no wear heart tighten bolts, reducing the magnetic yoke magnetic resistance loss, good stiffness, when tilting furnace, induction coil and lining to prevent damage of lining deformation, prolonging lining life. Note, however, if the surface of the coil after dealing with the fire or any other way, is bound to cause surface damage of the insulation, should use TSC - in a timely manner L ultra high temperature insulation varnish or APC - H + high temperature arc resistance of enamel insulation insulation repair, ensure that the coil after reinstall does not lighter or arc.
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