Medium frequency heating power - Three-phase product chain all control inverter circuit

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-15
Medium frequency heating power supply is a kind of machine equipment should be supplies thyratron electronics convert three-phase alternating current traffic to a particular frequency of medium frequency current value of the machinery, equipment, widely used in the magnetic induction smelting and electromagnetic induction heating of the manufacturing industry. Three-phase product release chain the inverter control circuit is essentially a group with negative level half-wave rectifier circuit fuse predictable anodic oxidation treatment half-wave rectifier circuit connected, predictable in the last section of the content, the level of negative half wave predictability rectifier circuit in fact only application of power transformer is the positive half cycle, a total of anode oxidation treatment half-wave rectifier circuit application only predictable power transformer is the negative half cycle, if the two kinds of load current value of the principle of switch power supply can be used as the same power transformer transformer. Which connect two kinds of principle of switch power supply can get three-phase product chain all control inverter circuit. Open the single pulse to have ample overall width, generally USES single pulse wide open or double narrow single pulse. But in practical application, to reduce loss of single pulse transformer of transformer core and most of them adopt double narrow single pulse, with one single pulse wide, single pulse width should be more than 90 degrees, is less than 120 degrees; Using double narrow single pulse, the total width for the single pulse - 25 degrees At the forefront of 30 degrees, single pulse spacing 60 degrees. To master the composition of medium frequency heating power machinery and equipment, principle of each part of switch power supply, Three-phase bridge rectifier circuit, open the switch power supply principle, union parallel resonant inverter power supply power supply circuit, maintenance principle of switch power supply) The basic principle of. Master output work frequency, current value and the voltage waveform on both ends of the thyristor, on the basis of three waveform, measure about the quantity, so that they can properly choose the electronic devices, such as thyristor can application waveform analysis principle of switch power supply, mechanical failure, hold the principle of switch power supply and the main working principle of switch power supply frequency with a step defined and maintain with the step of the way, grasping the common medium frequency heating power supply the use of machinery and equipment problems. Mastering the intermediate frequency magnetic medium frequency induction furnace installation, adjustment, simple method for mechanical fault maintenance. To grasp the three phase active inverter power supply circuit principle and the application of active inverter power supply power supply circuit. This class is a * medium frequency heating power supply manufacturers must have.
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