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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-15
Key features: medium frequency heating forging furnace for round steel, iron, aluminum bar heating; Small volume, can move, covers an area of only 0. 6 square meters, convenient and all forging and rolling machine together application; Installation, adjustment and the actual operation is very convenient, is quick to learn. Medium frequency electromagnetic induction heating forging heating furnace to make round rods in a very short time heating to temperature, greatly reduce air oxidation of metal materials, save material and improve the quality of forging, and about 15 in the intermediate frequency heating rods, more intermediate frequency, symmetry, and quickly: 24 hours of continuous work, automatic feeding, energy saving, environmental protection, cost control and human resources costs, convenient conversion furnace wall, in order to blend in the top of the overall heating or heating of round of different rules, medium frequency heating with mini power medium frequency induction furnace, forging furnace and the traditional medium frequency induction furnace is very different. Medium frequency heating forging furnace: 35 - 110 kw intermediate frequency heating switch power supply, compensation capacitance box, electric heating circle and organization monolith or end, taijiquan feeding group, work station, the enterprise specializing in the production of small and medium-sized medium frequency induction furnace, switch power IGBT of imported power electronic devices, more integrated practical, reasonable power more than 90%, energy-saving environmental protection and energy saving, than traditional thyristor intermediate frequency in environmental protection and energy saving 60%!
steel melting induction furnace metal melting furnace is generally used to continuous casting and rolling.
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