Medium frequency furnace melting titanium iron

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-07
Medium frequency furnace melting titanium iron technology encyclopedia of intermediate frequency furnace melting thin iron problem a: intermediate frequency furnace smelting process of decarburization process, the cupola melting can be avoided. Using medium frequency furnace melting molten iron should be overheating to more than 1500 degrees, can improve the quality of molten iron, reducing chilling and the hardness of the casting. But you can't copy the original process, chemical composition also felt need to adjust. 1 acid lining material: carbon steel smelting. Quartz sand ( 20/40) 40%, quartz sand, 50/100) 5 ~ 2% ( Plus) 2%, water ( Plus) 。 Quartz sand should be magnetic separation, remove the ferromagnetic material. Alkaline lining: for alloy steel smelting. Magnesia ( A 4 x 4 mm sieve) 96%, refractory clay, No. 100. Intermediate frequency electric furnace melting iron how to more efficient medium frequency furnace melting titanium iron a: intermediate frequency electric furnace melting iron performance characteristics: 1, zero voltage scanning soft start, can start or stop at any time in any state, no impact on the power supply; 2, rapid melting, low production cost; Pollution of filial piety conform to the requirements of environmental protection; 3, can be directly from the cold furnace melting, the solution can be all empty, easy replacement of molten material varieties; 4, power regulation flexibly and conveniently. Intermediate frequency furnace smelting metal lead is feasible, please answer: medium frequency furnace smelting is belong to the induction heating, as long as it is metal, the intermediate frequency furnace can produce inductive electromotive force, and hot melt. The melting point of lead is not high, the effect of intermediate frequency furnace smelting is pretty good. Hangzhou institute of revestment precision casting. Than using the cupola melting scrap iron in intermediate frequency furnace, high or save cost. Answer: melting scrap iron smelting copper scrap, melting scrap steel, or aluminum scrap, can use intermediate frequency electric furnace, when melting scrap, long-term view of the benefit of the intermediate frequency electric furnace is higher. Coming up from purchasing cost calculate, cupola is cheaper. But the ratio of intermediate frequency electric furnace will be much higher than that of cupola. Casting medium frequency furnace melting temperature is how much a: copper melting furnace, melting aluminum furnace, molten iron, molten steel furnace, intermediate frequency melting temperature, in turn, such as 1250 degrees Celsius, 700 degrees Celsius, 1200 degrees Celsius, 1650 degrees Celsius. 。 Intermediate frequency furnace can be fused cast iron? Which is better effect and cupola? Intermediate frequency furnace smelting ferrotitanium answer: can be fused cast iron intermediate frequency furnace, intermediate frequency compared with cupola furnace ironmaking composition can better control. And cover an area of an area small, less investment. Intermediate frequency electric furnace with iron ore smelting iron directly? A: I can do it, can use half iron, with half of the ore, plus the high temperature and carboniferous. Can intermediate frequency electric furnace melting copper? A: yes. Copper, of molten steel, fused cast iron etc. Intermediate frequency electric furnace, induction melting copper and copper alloys. Can completely. Ningbo divine radiation electric furnace co. , LTD. , specializing in the production of smelting copper, aluminum, iron, steel, zinc and other metals. Energy conservation and low consumption. Medium frequency furnace melting liquid grey cast iron surface with a layer of black bubble son answer: what is also can be directly point the 'search' to search the whole problem. Bubble intermediate frequency furnace smelting grey black search information local pictures pictures link submit answer anonymous answer automatically saved. Medium frequency furnace melting titanium iron technical data medium frequency furnace melting grey illiquid what reason be? How to solve? How to intermediate frequency furnace smelting ferrotitanium answer: I tell you, I hope you can understand. The above has some say the lack of silicon. Yes, less silicon, liquidity is large. More importantly, you may also be less carbon. Why is that? It has to do with medium frequency furnace melting characteristics. Many do not pay attention to this problem, I'm looking for opportunities, just don't know how many will see. The intermediate frequency furnace smelting process, single. I to casting don't understand, I want to ask: 50% with 50% scrap and waste iron medium frequency furnace melting titanium iron answer: 50% with 50% scrap steel and scrap iron in 500 kg of intermediate frequency furnace smelting, generates? A: white iron, Equal in yuan in burn in) Intermediate frequency furnace smelting is alloy composition will not change. Give me email address, send you the intermediate frequency furnace carbon steel and alloy steel melting technology electronic draft. Medium frequency furnace melting cast iron tonnage for intermediate frequency furnace smelting ferrotitanium answer: it depends on many factors, such as the choice of electric furnace, the selection of the transformer, the selection of raw materials, all you have to do the kinds of castings, electricity, etc. , you need to provide data to calculate the cost. Such as high-grade 15 tons of intermediate frequency furnace and low power consumption, the selection of refractory material, you are pig iron smelting use cash or scrap steel smelting, the cost is different also, and so on. Intermediate frequency furnace smelting grey iron out iron liquid package and ferromanganese work medium frequency furnace melting titanium iron a: enhance the oxidation resistance of iron liquid, improve the wear resistance and hardness of iron liquid. Hello, I would like to ask about the intermediate frequency furnace in iron and steel scrap melting anti-wear castings, intermediate frequency furnace smelting ferrotitanium answer: this is no problem. At present, the domestic there are a lot of steel ball, the ball is belong to product of wear-resisting, big classification belongs to the foundry industry, the current steel mills such as anshan iron and steel, have such specialized manufacturers are doing. Medium frequency furnace melting cast steel, deoxidizing ferromanganese and ferrosilicon, how can the answer: not in the intermediate frequency furnace deoxidation alloying, want to join the calculated in the ladle ferromanganese, ferrosilicon, silicon manganese alloy, etc. , then pour into molten steel.
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