Medium frequency furnace melting iron concentrate

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-07
Intermediate frequency furnace for melting iron concentrate technology an energy-saving medium frequency furnace melting a ton of steel ( Temperature of 1600 degrees) Minimum need more answer: one hour 600 degrees of upper and lower power consumption, and see you energy-saving intermediate frequency furnace have how old? 1 tons of intermediate frequency electric stove, for example, power 800 kw, 600 KWH/T power consumption. Actual analysis of actual situation. Recycling scrap metal (2013 Copper, aluminum, zinc, tin, scrap iron, scrap steel medium frequency furnace for melting iron concentrate a: intermediate frequency electric furnace melting scrap metal, it is very appropriate. Intermediate frequency electric furnace equipment can melt the common metals, non-ferrous metals, steel, medium frequency furnace melting equipment is also a flexible transformation, a copper, the iron furnace lining is not the same as long as change the lining, power regulation can be achieved. 'Ningbo divine radiation electric furnace co. , LTD. '. Why the intermediate frequency furnace of iron is from the bottom of the melting a: if it is melting at the beginning, there is induced current on iron, induction caused the fire. If it is melting in the molten iron in small Mars, reason, much more. I want to smelting iron and steel, with high frequency furnace and intermediate frequency furnace is good? Advantages and disadvantages, a: high frequency melting furnace is mainly a small metal smelting, high volume or a number of intermediate frequency furnace, you can go to yongkang jump dragon electronic look, they are made of smelting equipment professional manufacturers. What is called the intermediate frequency furnace for melting iron concentrate iron concentrate a: iron ore division can be divided into limonite, at least from the main ingredient in the main effective component Fe2O3; Magnetite, the main effective component Fe3O4; Ling ( Yellow) Iron ore, the main effective components Fe2S3; Pure iron ore, the main effective components Fe elemental, and the mixed ore deposits, the other black metal minerals, and so on. From acid and alkaline Shanghai can be divided into acid mine. Intermediate frequency furnace smelting metal lead is feasible, please answer: medium frequency furnace smelting is belong to the induction heating, as long as it is metal, the intermediate frequency furnace can produce inductive electromotive force, and hot melt. The melting point of lead is not high, the effect of intermediate frequency furnace smelting is pretty good. Hangzhou institute of revestment precision casting. 5 tons of intermediate frequency electric furnace smelting 'a ton of copper, iron, zinc, power consumption, respectively a: power consumption is associated with electron transfer, power consumption, namely so-called degree of KWH, and tile is UIt namely voltage times the current multiplied by time. I = Q/t, the unit of charge Q is C, 1 C or the equivalent of about 625 x 10 ^ 18 electronic power. And 5 tons of intermediate frequency electric furnace voltage you that there is a manual, namely W = UQ, 1 = 1000 uqh copper smelting of copper ore in general is copper. Medium frequency furnace melting silicon powder method a: this is a very professional problem, medium frequency furnace melting industrial silicon silicon powder do? Suggest you combining your ingredients, to professional website to find the answer as well. Medium frequency furnace melting tin bronze need to pay attention to? Especially the lining material? Intermediate frequency furnace for melting iron concentrate a: this is not very strict, first is graphite crucible, crucible furnace lining is now commonly coil set a layer of asbestos cloth ( Prevent leakage lining material) Then place the crucible, gap filling of the crucible and the furnace lining materials, general with magnesia and magnesium powder ( Dry) , and then fill, fill, with sharp objects, to be patient and firm, a. Melt casting fasteners, precision casting equipment suitable for the intermediate frequency electric stove? Intermediate frequency furnace for melting iron concentrate answer: yes, medium frequency melting furnace are not small, or require high vacuum intermediate frequency furnace, a few hundred kilograms is ok. Intermediate frequency furnace for melting iron concentrate technical data eliminate intermediate frequency electric furnace KGPS400 - why do companies 1075 tons, KGPS5 answer: is a melting furnace, intermediate frequency furnace for steel ( Iron) Water 'purification', that is, no oxidation to the function of the impurities such as carbon, phosphorus, and no reduction deaeration, desulfurization, and other functions, only to alloying of steel after melting, simple and easy to precipitate DNA. Molten steel purity can't keep the unless a melted by refining furnace refining, but small furnace refining furnace (deserves Generally in 15 tons. Why can't medium frequency furnace iron essence pink? Energy consumption in where? Please the teacher for advice? Intermediate frequency furnace for melting iron concentrate a: intermediate frequency furnace smelting only can conductive metal, iron essence pink for iron oxide, cannot conduct electricity, therefore cannot conduct electricity. Energy consumption is mainly made of smelting metal hot melt. How to make the intermediate frequency furnace hot metal insulation medium frequency furnace for melting iron concentrate answer: when the intermediate frequency furnace hot metal melting, molten iron to achieve the required temperature, reduce the power of intermediate frequency furnace, keep the power on a smaller value, furnace hot metal temperature rise, no longer is no longer falling, thus realized the function of heat preservation. Whether intermediate frequency furnace for hot metal for lining damage a: a third of the molten iron too much normally depends on how you are furnace heat quenching will have an impact on the life of the furnace try not to leave too much hot. From the iron and steel production point of view, what are the characteristics of iron concentrate containing fluorine intermediate frequency furnace for melting iron concentrate answer: from the perspective of iron and steel production, iron concentrate containing fluorine basically has the following four aspects: feature.
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