Medium frequency furnace melting furnace manufacturers heng Yang enterprise new sales business

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-07
Right before one's eyes a lot of people to find a job, medium frequency furnace melting furnace manufacturers heng Yang enterprise also choose the excellent talents, recruiting, personnel departments in each recruit better early online release the job. I think, three days ago in the new business of selling 'and small make up I Shared his into heng Yang enterprise some of my experience. Small make up and I have some concerns of medium frequency furnace melting furnace manufacturers heng Yang enterprise new into the business of selling 'not so fast into new areas, early in the morning to the Marketing Department of' interview ', '' if is doing the business of selling wool, speech eloquence *, she said, her into the constant before young enterprise, also do a lot of' course 'chose several enterprises as a new owner, but choose to pick, find or do the constant of high frequency induction heating furnace manufacturing industry enterprise overall strength is strong, good service platform. At first, he in the company's web site as a basic grasp that heng Yang enterprise are the pioneers of induction heating, the existing 10 years specializing in the production of manufacturing induction heating time, customers have been all over the world, in which melting furnace is its main business product. To his bewildered job interview on that day was heng Yang enterprise boss always give them a job interview, jiang with He Zong communication, 'more determined their pick. In speaking of the overall situation, jiang 'face with a smile, she said what has been a approachable person, is no pressure, communication and general professional knowledge and layout to jiang he felt admiration. 'Said to master these days to break the sales income of sales business friends are thousands or even tens of often, achieve sales more generous bonuses, which made him more confidence and passion in heng Yang enterprise itself on the big stage. The next date, it is 'in medium frequency furnace melting furnace manufacturer heng Yang factory training three months 'date, small make up' my blessing to learn professional skills well, for a number of customer service, let guangdong melting furnace equipment booming all over the world. Medium frequency furnace melting furnace - Could the increase of graphite crucible melting furnace, intermediate frequency furnace High utilization, convenient and quick
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