Medium frequency furnace melting furnace - High utilization, convenient and quick

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-09-27
Medium frequency furnace melting furnace smelting carbon steel as an important common tools, melt it has high efficiency power-saving features powerful, compact structure, load hard work; Near the furnace in low temperature, smoke less, work good geographical environment; Simple operation process, smelter reliable operation; Uniform metal composite material composition; Melt temperature control of heating fast, easy to control, production efficiency; High utilization rate of medium frequency furnace melting furnace stove, convenient disassembly type; Because the electromagnetic stirring effect, the air content of iron liquid, low oxygen and desolventizing * pure broken, non-metallic materials and dirt easily rise. The control of raw materials of raw materials is a prerequisite for damage desolventizing quality, therefore, the control of raw materials as far as possible. Due to the medium frequency furnace melting furnace with electric arc furnace of iron and steel industry, not require raw materials composition, as far as possible on the surface of a dry, clean and tidy, less WuYouJi, rust, crystal. Good steel raw materials against the leftover bits of materials and application of steel, iron pin shall be strictly prohibited. Sauce according to the water content of each element, strict according to material, back to the heavy smelting waste as far as possible using the steel grades back to first put smelting waste scrap steel, scrap steel rongqing after the temperature rise to 1560 ℃ 1580 ℃, changing a slag, take sample before furnace, medium frequency furnace melting furnace analysis C, SiMn. P。 S back into heavy smelting waste only when waiting for the results of the analysis. According to the test results to adjust components ( Fully considering the elements crevice corrosion) 。 With appropriate Mn iron, moderate deamination and adjust Mn Si iron. Si, temperature detection, a round cup sample check iron liquid ammonia is medium frequency melting furnace - off (optional 1000/300Hz) Dual-frequency power medium frequency melting furnace - Volume is small, convenient installation, easy maintenance, medium frequency melting furnace - Intermediate frequency furnace - key operating procedures How to improve the service life of crucible important parameters of medium frequency melting furnace in melting process
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