Medium frequency furnace melting furnace - Could the increase of graphite crucible

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-09-26
Medium frequency furnace melting furnace, we can according to a series of ways to increase the graphite crucible, could the application process, the feeding, heating curve, the construction methods are on the way. Medium frequency furnace melting furnace graphite crucible materials selected and aqueous solution temperature, the characteristics, in particular, matching species, decrease as far as possible to add A1, Mn, zinc, Mg and other raw materials, dao built relative density increase as much as possible. Lower mouth air flow and gas permeability, improve high flexural strength, high temperature resistance to adhesion and resistance to fall off. Furnace building immediately as soon as possible after the first heating furnace, prevent long-term implantation adsorption of water vapour, such as new graphite crucible calcination, try to avoid tilting furnace, a new sintering furnace lining should be successive operations, improve the graphite crucible calcined layer, improve impact toughness. All normal medium frequency furnace melting furnace smelting application process, reduce the feeding of railway bridge top die graphite crucible, immediately remove ash as far as possible, to maintain high spare metal material level, make the corrosion of furnace type symmetry, reducing graphite crucible in high temperature condition. Published within the approved scope as far as possible to reduce the pouring temperature. After bath furnace shutdown, should be applied furnace cover, reduce the cooling water flow, let the graphite crucible slow cooling, reduce the amount of heating and fission, continuous production as far as possible, to improve service life of 0 ~ 25% graphite crucible. Bath furnace when shutdown expand reproduction, should be recycled waste heat, the application of 60% output power heating up and down to a certain temperature and then to carry out the full output power operation, raw material is not enough, when the chamber of a stove or furnace the less quantity should reduce the output power, prevent the application of high power work. Aluminum alloy smelting - Indirect graphite crucible melting crucible furnace - Crucible materials good high temperature resistance, medium frequency melting furnace - How to improve the service life of crucible crucible furnace smelting special equipment is a kind of simple and easy
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