Manufacturer of medium frequency induction melting furnace

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-31
Medium frequency induction melting heat faster, eddy current loss less efficient heat damage is small, production workshop relative low temperature, reducing dust, save resources, improve the production efficiency, improve employee environment, reduce the labor efficiency, clean workshop of the dimension of the natural environment has greatly improved. Especially in pig iron for induction melting furnace, are beneficial to get low pyrite fluid is melting furnace are incomparable. Forging company should be based on the transformer when selecting medium frequency melting furnace, production regulation, project investment credit as selecting specification, should note when buying machinery and equipment. A, technology practice of intermediate frequency induction melting furnace manufacturer for scientific research technical money into a lot of money, equipment, superb technical, the melting rate, power consumption, machinery and equipment common failures such as reflect different level. Many manufacturers do not adjust the factory environment, cost lower, of course, assembly and adjustment process is very big to the harm of quality, different manufacturers, different processing technology, also lead to different price different quality. Second, after-sale maintenance service excellent after-sales maintenance service is machinery and equipment to ensure quality, electrical products come at the time of the common faults, which requires must be good after-sales maintenance services, of manufacturers have plenty of professional and technical personnel and the ability to work to ensure after-sales maintenance services. Medium frequency induction melting furnace in front of the original factory, after several times of static data and dynamic adjustment, one year warranty period, during this time, all not human obligations common failure caused by machinery and equipment, are borne by the manufacturer. Three, raw material selection consists of intermediate frequency furnace, transformer, air switch, harmonic filter, inverter power supply cabinet, water and electricity cable, magnetic induction electromagnetic coil, furnace shell, etc. Various manufacturing will adopt different equipments. Will be because of different raw materials, the price quality difference, said to their room. Intermediate frequency furnace at present stage development trend is toward power of large space, already relegated to a small one ton of intermediate frequency furnace, at present already on the new relative less, but technical perfect low price. In a nutshell, forging company should be based on specific must choose the right status of intermediate frequency induction melting furnace, the selection process should be relatively more manufacturers of machinery and equipment manufacturing, equipment, technical specifications, after-sales service attitude, and many other factors after choose the satisfactory machine equipment. Medium frequency induction melting furnace manufacturer - Power plants with medium frequency induction melting furnace - the facts Power frequency induction melting furnace more intermediate frequency induction melting furnace - merits Height automation system hai rui Rio medium frequency induction melting furnace manufacturer medium frequency induction melting furnace the characteristics and application of the working principle of intermediate frequency furnace
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