Loose bed after intermediate frequency furnace oven dry material

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-11
Intermediate frequency furnace oven dry material loose bed technology after an intermediate frequency furnace service life of the intermediate frequency furnace oven dry material loose bed after a: in addition to the requirements of the physical and chemical indicators, burden coefficient of expansion as small as possible, in order to avoid the use of expansion of crack due to repeated temperature difference effect, affecting the service life of crucible. According to the equipment models, melting materials of ph and melting temperature control to determine. At present, the domestic intermediate frequency furnace crucible of masonry materials with quartz sand and high alumina materials. Suitable for the high alumina material 500 kg. Neutral medium frequency furnace lining with what material, Scrap steel or cast iron) The oven? Answer: general for alumina ( Corundum) Lining; Also has more special, dry ramming material for alumina gel adhesive, by a certain ratio of the particle size, corundum, magnesia and spinel mixed powder of lining material; Material is characterized by high melting point; After sintering pressure is higher; Sintering layer, hardening layer is formed after sintering, loose bed; Sintering temperature is higher, 1650℃) ; Faults. Intermediate frequency furnace with just the quality of the jade the compositions of dry ramming material is what? Answer: the task. Detailed in the boiler SO3 on the dangers of boiler work a: boiler, boiler flue gas, boiler, waste heat boiler class [technical data C6761- 0033 - 0001] Ferrocene injection system [ Abstract] A passive ferrocene injection system ( 10) , have a container ( 12) Hold a certain number, limit a. Intermediate frequency furnace lining materials which have sell? Answer: after oven of intermediate frequency furnace dry material loose bed of ramming material also called lining materials, knot materials, it is made up of refractory aggregate, powder and a small amount of cementing agent, with strong ramming construction for bulk material. Dry ramming material is dry or semi-dry SongSanZhuang, most non-viscous before molding, only with strong ramming dense structure can be obtained, when heated to sintering temperature combination will have strength. Ramming material according to the material properties.
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