Is there any water in the intermediate frequency furnace

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-09
Is there any water in the intermediate frequency furnace technology is not an intermediate frequency furnace can be used to heat the water in the intermediate frequency furnace? A: no, intermediate frequency electric furnace depends on the inner conductor of eddy current heating ( Similar to household induction cooker) 。 And the water conductive ability is very weak, Pure water is not conductive) ! Heating the eddy current is very small, especially slow! But the power consumption big - — Not worthwhile. Why don't intermediate frequency electric furnace coil cooling water charged? Answer: because the skin effect of current, plus water resistance is big, and in the center of the pipe, so no charge, is there any reason you want to. Why use intermediate frequency furnace water-cooled cables in the intermediate frequency furnace is there any water in a: in medium frequency electric furnace, water-cooled cables used for the connection between the capacitor and melting furnace, because in the process of work, capacitance and inductance ( Melting furnace coil) In resonant state, the current is usually ten times the input current, so, for example KGPS500KW / 1 s intermediate frequency electric furnace, melting furnace for 1000 kg, the output current of about 1100 a, then through the water-cooled electric cable. A: 5 tons of intermediate frequency furnace water cooling system cooling water system parameters: the feed water pressure or less 5-03 mpa water temperature 35 ℃ cooling water outlet temperature of 55 ℃ or less consumption of 50 t/h water cooling system of water-cooling system points inside and outside two internal circulation loop system including type radiator stainless steel water tank stainless steel stainless steel stainless steel pipeline pump valve is mainly used for power supply cooling condenser copper platoon, the system set on the tank. Intermediate frequency electric furnace cooling water why not charged in the intermediate frequency furnace is there any water in a: intermediate frequency electric furnace cooling water is not charged, but with the voltage value is small, no contact with human body feeling. Why is not afraid of water cooling medium frequency furnace through to answer: the moisture of intermediate frequency furnace two parts, the first part: the electrical cabinet circulating water, this part of the circulating water circulate in the capacitors, thyristor jacketed main, water environment itself is ark and electrical insulation, Look carefully the insulation mechanism on both sides of the silicon controlled rectifier) , this is the first circuit and cabinet put oneself in another's position, the insulation between the why and the circuit part is not short circuit, it said. Intermediate frequency furnace induction furnace hot metal belt induction is how to return a responsibility? Operators say answer: is electromagnetic induction heating medium frequency furnace, furnace charge, Molten steel) Will produce induced current is above, otherwise the burden will not melt. Operator or carry molten iron can have the feeling that was electric hemp. First operators must wear insulating work shoes, the ground to keep dry, 2 in the position of the operator station rubber mat on the shop, Shot blasting machine in rubber skin, best thickness. Intermediate frequency furnace molten steel during heating up why boiling medium frequency furnace is there any water in the answer: not boiling, boiling evaporation and molten steel to achieve the evaporation temperature is very high this is a kind of mixing phenomenon called the principle of electromagnetic stirring for intermediate frequency furnace is generated eddy current electromagnetic induction phenomenon in steel and heating melt mixing is caused by eddy current and the induction coil current rejection at the same time also can produce low hump phenomenon is near the liquid steel. Intermediate frequency furnace water cable burn out is nothing to what is the effect of intermediate frequency ark answer: medium frequency furnace water and electricity cables below what circumstance easily fuse. 3 tons of intermediate frequency furnace for 90 minutes a furnace hot metal normal? Answer: bring a word three tons of intermediate frequency furnace, the 90 minutes, and then a furnace hot metal, the words about is very normal, 90 minutes, just to reach iron melting point, and then, they started to melt into the molten iron this a ton, a batch of this word is the very normal, and then, wait for a while, and then presents of molten iron. Intermediate frequency furnace is there any water in the technical data to a visual medium frequency furnace molten steel temperature: may also directly point the 'search' to search the whole problem. Visual medium frequency furnace molten steel temperature search information local pictures pictures link submit answer anonymous answer automatically saved for you recommend:. Intermediate frequency electrical furnace hot metal slow, what reason is there? 075 stoves in the intermediate frequency electric medium frequency furnace is there any water in a: silicon controlled rectifier is damaged, in casting material with iron manifolds,,,. Intermediate frequency furnace in water without electricity. What should I do in the intermediate frequency furnace is there any water in a: 1. Turn off the machine power switch immediately; 2 if you have spare water, you need to open the water by 3 right now or circular pool, the level of the water tower above the furnace, just turn off the other locks, just let the water flow sensors to a cooling. Intermediate frequency furnace boiler stop, for a long time in furnace are there any water in the cooling water should be dealt with as intermediate frequency furnace a: suggest to take off, added a new softened water. How to improve the quality of molten steel medium frequency furnace steelmaking? A: just a melting scrap steel, medium frequency furnace smelting process without oxygen, such as refining slagging agent means, so the intermediate frequency furnace molten steel under the influence of PZH steel material, improve the steel quality is mainly in the intermediate frequency furnace after a few steps behind, namely refining outside the furnace and the quality control of continuous casting mould. Non-ferrous casting can't use the intermediate frequency furnace water? Answer: medium frequency induction furnace, Hereinafter referred to as the intermediate frequency furnace) The working frequency of between 50 ~ 10 hz, widely used in non-ferrous metal and black metal smelting. Compared with other casting equipment, intermediate frequency induction furnace has a high thermal efficiency, short smelting time, alloy elements burning less pollution to the environment, melting material widely, filial piety can precisely control the temperature of the liquid metal and composition, etc.
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