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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-29
Heng Yang induction heat treatment equipment of mechanical and electrical factory is a professional manufacturer, specialized in r&d and production of various kinds of metal induction heating equipment for nearly 10 years, 10 years of constant Yang constantly learning new technology, new technology, has a professional technical team, heng Yang today electromechanical based on nearly 10 years of experience summary of 10 kinds of common quenching methods, share to more people. Heat treatment process commonly used method of quenching in ten kinds, respectively is the single medium ( Water, oil, air) Quenching; Double medium quenching; Grading quenching martensite; The martensite step quenching method under Ms point; Bainite isothermal quenching method. Composite quenching method; Precooling isothermal quenching method; Delayed cooling quenching method; Quenching from the back to the fire; Jet quenching method, etc. A, single medium ( Water, oil, air) Quenching the single medium ( Water, oil, air) Quenching: heat have to quenching temperature of workpiece quenching a person a kind of quenching medium, to keep their cool completely. This is the simplest quenching method, commonly used in simple carbon steel and alloy steel workpiece shape. Quenching medium size parts according to the heat transfer coefficient, h, choice of size, shape, etc. Two double, double medium quenching medium quenching: the workpiece heated to quenching temperature, cooling in the cooling capacity of quenching medium first to close to Ms points, and then moved to cool to room temperature in the slow cooling of quenching medium, in order to achieve different quenching temperature range, and there are ideal quenching cooling rate. Used for complex shape parts or large workpiece of high carbon steel, alloy steel production, also use this method more carbon tool steel. Commonly used with water - cooling medium Oil and water Nitrate, water - Air, oil - Cold air, and water as generally faster quenching medium, oil or air as slow cooling quenching medium, less use air. Three, martensite step quenching martensite step quenching: steel austenitizing, subsequently immersed temperature slightly higher or slightly lower than steel horse's point of liquid medium ( Salt bath or alkali bath) , keep the appropriate time, wait for steel inner and outer are out of air cooling medium temperature is reached, slow supercooled austenite into martensite of quenching process. Generally used for complex shape and strict deformation of small workpieces, high speed steel and high alloy steel mold is also commonly used this law quenching. Four, below the Ms point of martensite step quenching method is lower than the Ms point of martensite step quenching method: with the Ms of the steel bath temperature is lower than the artifacts and higher than that of Mf, workpiece cooling in the bath faster, larger size when still can get the same results and step quenching. Often used for large size low hardenability steel workpiece. Five, the bainite isothermal quenching bainite isothermal quenching method, the workpiece quenching bainite temperature in the steel bath isothermal, make it happen under the bainite transformation, general insulation 30 ~ 60 min in the bath. Nc number WeChat male cncdar bainite isothermal quenching process of three main steps: 1) austenitizing treatment; (2) after austenitizing cooling process; (3) bainite isothermal treatment; Commonly used in alloy steel, high carbon steel parts and small size nodular cast iron pieces. Six, composite hardening composite quenching method: first the workpiece quenching below Ms to martensite volume fraction is 10% ~ 30%, then the isothermal bainitic area, the larger section workpiece martensite and bainite, commonly used in alloy tool steel workpiece. Seven, precooling isothermal quenching method precooling isothermal quenching method: also called heat isothermal quenching, parts in lower temperature (first Greater than Ms) Cooling in the bath, and then moved to higher temperature in the bath, the isothermal transformation austenite. Suitable for low hardenability of steel or larger size and isothermal quenching of the workpiece must be conducted. Eight, delayed cooling quenching method delayed cooling quenching method: first parts in the air, hot water, salt bath precooling to slightly higher than Ar3 or Ar1 temperature, and then single quenching medium. Commonly used in complex shape deformation of disparity and the thickness of each part of the requirements of small parts. Nine, quenching from the back to see quenching from back to the fire: heating will be handling all artifacts, but only at the time of quenching will need hardening part ( Often for work) Immersion quenching liquid cooling, nc WeChat cncdar until not immersed part number heat colour vanishing moment, immediately remove the air cooling of quenching process. Quenching method using the core from back not all cold heat to the surface, the surface temper. Used to withstand the impact of tools such as a chisel, punch, hammers, etc. Ten, jet quenching method jet quenching method: to workpiece quenching method of injection flow, flow but can small, according to the required depth of hardening. Steam jet quenching method not in workpiece surface formed membrane, so that it can guarantee than ever water quenching in deeper hardening layer. 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