Intermediate frequency quenching machine - Using Siemens PLC200 series products

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-19
Intermediate frequency quenching machine can maintain the following function: control three resistor type heat treatment equipment for roll temperature control manipulation; Control the output power of high frequency induction power supply for temperature control heating roll; Control the oil motor lift platform and rotation; Control of water pump motor open; Record all kinds of basic parameters of process technology; To monitor all kinds of mechanical failure and report to the police. According to the requirements of production process, intermediate frequency quenching machine adopts industrial control computer as the upper computer software, system software to carry out the key basic parameters, the condition of remote control, inspection etc. PLC as the up and down a machine, to carry out data processing method, mechanical equipment control etc. Intermediate frequency quenching machine machine software and on the basis of PPI cables between the upper and lower position machine communication, system structure and configuration. Intermediate frequency quenching machine PLC adopts Siemens PLC200 product series, the product series PLC to run quite fast, module extension hard-working, lighter weight, high cost performance, can consider to the various requirements of the system software. CPU use CPU266 inline 24 input points, 14 lose out, extensible seven modules, with PD, PPI communication protocol, the MPI communication protocol and casual way communications professional ability; Enlarge EM233 morning module USES digital hybrid module, BM231 simulation input module and EM232 simulation output module. Intermediate frequency quenching machine - Good intermediate frequency quenching machine tool - automatic control system System stability fully functional intermediate frequency quenching machine - Adjust vertical intermediate frequency quenching machine tool and machine tool rotation rate Quenching cooling medium into a medium frequency quenching machine tool performance testing
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