Intermediate frequency quenching machine - Automatic control system

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-19
Foshan constant Yang intermediate frequency quenching machine control system adopts communication 380 v, 50 hz power supply system. 380 v bottom pressure resistance, important method, feeding on the CNC lathe work, power transformer output, gestures to control such as time, high efficiency. Medium frequency induction furnace, hardening machine connection thyristor medium frequency induction furnace with 300 kw power, frequency of 1000 hz power transformer, conditioning treatment installation project delivery to the following the packaged chiller air conditioning panel or external work station remote control operation, the operation process in operating room door frame with some working frequency alternating current, voltage, high frequency, high frequency, high frequency power 5 block to control the car dashboard, has the function of main power points/close button start/stop function keys, PLC, high frequency ac motor speed, motor soft starter power output can be in 10% ~ 99. 9% range adjustable casually. Dc voltmeter, dc ammeter in intermediate frequency quenching pause, power factor meter, frequency table type are the standard working frequency. In addition, intermediate frequency quenching machine is car fitness function keys, the rotation frequency of the car instrument, free online display table, medium frequency induction furnace temperature increases reduce function keys, mobile control, and water pump motor startup, the wind ups and downs function keys. Welcome to the choose and buy. Intermediate frequency quenching machine tool cooling quenching medium performance testing - vertical intermediate frequency quenching machine tool Auto fittings - intermediate frequency quenching machine Adjust medium frequency quenching machine tool and machine tool rotation rate System stability function is complete
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