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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-14
Intermediate-frequency heater equipment operation staff should be after work training to pass the exam, know the operation steps, machinery and equipment operation, actual operation staff not to leave a position, grounding device is good, as far as possible in life. This machine is only resistor and inductive load application, unfavorable to capacitor load application, or you will destroy the machine equipment. Intermediate frequency heater equipment packing and unpacking steel pieces, as far as possible will output line and good electromagnetic coil fusion, to ensure that the application of the actual effect. When intermediate frequency heater heating, do not the output line fault, machinery and equipment to prevent destruction, do not touch the wiring position, to * life security. If any abnormal phenomenon after the machinery and equipment over current protection, eliminate the common faults must be secondary output control 'stop' button and constantly about 5 seconds. Heng Yang intermediate-frequency heater is installed, tear open steel power must be carried out when actual operation, the ring temperature 22 degrees, the heating time for 40 seconds, the current 130 a, a modest increase in the temperature can be heating in winter time to 45 seconds, pay attention to avoid rolling bearing coarse grain. Should remember urgent intermediate-frequency heater power switch parts, occur in an emergency, they can quickly shut down to prevent to produce more serious damage. Sometimes inadvertently touch intermediate-frequency heater of avoid by all means all the buttons, touch the electronic switch with wet hands of avoid by all means, to prevent electric shock accident. Part-time maintenance staff not to repair the part of the parts. Pay attention to maintain machinery and equipment cleaning. Intermediate frequency furnace in induction heating, melting, forging the advantages of intermediate frequency furnace characteristics and safety procedures introduced medium frequency furnace where some sell how much is a set of intermediate frequency heating forging - | The machine cover an area of an area small
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