Intermediate frequency furnace with or without the frequency converter

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-13
Intermediate frequency furnace with or without inverter technology data using the intermediate frequency furnace smelting thyristor inverter to capacitance compensation? A: compensation and don't want to see your company itself up to not meet the national standards of power factor, short of electricity will be fine, more than the nation is rewarded. But I suggest that you do not use capacitance compensation, it is best to SVG. What is the difference between intermediate frequency and power frequency a: power frequency furnace and medium frequency furnace has the following main difference; 1, intermediate frequency furnace power density is larger, high productivity, namely under the same stirring power, the same capacity, intermediate frequency furnace can be 3 times the power frequency furnace power input, in other words, the same power medium frequency furnace crucible size was only about a third of the power frequency furnace crucible size in large stove, due to the sensor wire Qing shadow of current and voltage. 250 kw transformer can take 350 kg, intermediate frequency furnace steelmaking, with or without inverter answer: if the intermediate frequency furnace melt temperature is controlled in 1650, at least an hour. With a ton of intermediate frequency electric stove? Answer: how to use transformer a ton of intermediate frequency electric furnace, the standard of the specifications of the transformer is 750 kw, 1000 kw, the input is 380 v, output is 220 v. If electric furnace often operate at full capacity, also want to choose corresponding power transformer. Transformer is to use the principle of electromagnetic induction to change the ac voltage of the device, main component is the primary coil, secondary coil and iron core ( Magnetic core) 。 The main function. Inverter can be changed to the medium frequency power supply a: this really change medium frequency power supply and frequency converter are of variable voltage and variable frequency instrument, but the principle of work is some different, achieve the effect of inconsistent 1 intermediate frequency power supply is a standard sine wave output, is a square wave inverter output 2 medium frequency power supply voltage and frequency are adjustable, frequency and voltage in a certain proportion change 3 waveform synthesis of the two control. Medium frequency furnace has dc voltage no intermediate frequency voltage is what reason? Intermediate frequency furnace with or without inverter answer: failure analysis and treatment: the failure phenomenon does not belong to the intermediate frequency power supply failure, but because of the load impedance is too low to cause, should readjust to load impedance. 1) In the circuit of pressure load, due to the damage to dismantle series compensation capacitor, not replace, or blindly pursue high power and increase compensation capacitor unchecked, load compensation amount. Intermediate frequency electric furnace cooling water why not charged with or without intermediate frequency furnace converter answer: intermediate frequency electric furnace cooling water is not charged, but with the voltage value is small, no contact with human body feeling. Intermediate frequency furnace have radiation? Intermediate frequency furnace with or without inverter answer: radiation must have, mainly concentrated in the vicinity of the primary loop. Near water around, induction coil, including cable, near the main circuit copper tube. These places have strong magnetic field in the process of smelting, if there is metal near the easy induction heating. Safety manual Suggestions with a pacemaker or other electronic devices don't get close to. Why not charged conductor used in the intermediate frequency furnace cooling water, I think impassability, answer: must be charged, only by ground net. through keep electricity to a safe voltage, if ground is not good, will hurt. Why don't intermediate frequency electric furnace coil cooling water charged? Intermediate frequency furnace with or without inverter answer: because the skin effect of current, plus water resistance is big, and in the center of the pipe, so no charge, is there any reason you want to. Intermediate frequency furnace with or without inverter technology data on electricity when a factory applications are not ready to intermediate frequency furnace, ready to start with or without intermediate frequency furnace frequency converter after sending a: 1, Ken can cause the other electrical equipment in the factory can't work normally; Such as frequency converter, counters, temperature controller, reactive power compensation device, etc. ; 2, could lead to a factory in electrical protection misoperation, such as circuit breakers, open; 3, electric energy metering system could lead to a factory in disorder; Around 4, may lead to complaints of the factory, and thus cause power. Low voltage side with equipment is 05 t medium frequency furnace, why want to harmonic elimination device with a: medium frequency furnace has no special change, 3, 5, 7 harmonics will affect other reliable operation of electrical equipment, installation of notions of elimination device is required. # # electrician degree is not high, only the technical secondary school, PLC, frequency converter will rectifying inverse intermediate frequency furnace with or without inverter answer: I also am deyang, PLC control dc motor variable frequency high frequency heating technical secondary school to do the project development can lead. 5 k a month without leave no social security coordinates deyang from job qq users: Mr. Lin you have their own design complete project? From the position of Q users: Mr. Li. Intermediate frequency furnace induction furnace hot metal belt induction is how to return a responsibility? Operators say medium frequency furnace with or without inverter answer: is electromagnetic induction heating medium frequency furnace, furnace charge, Molten steel) Will produce induced current is above, otherwise the burden will not melt. Operator or carry molten iron can have the feeling that was electric hemp. First operators must wear insulating work shoes, the ground to keep dry, 2 in the position of the operator station rubber mat on the shop, Shot blasting machine in rubber skin, best thickness. Harmonic treatment of intermediate frequency furnace, converter, dc motor technology. Hotline: zero intermediate frequency furnace with or without inverter answer: LC - device profile RXI filter compensation device is a kind of economical single tuned filter and compensation device, in view of the characteristics of harmonic filtering. Filter branch adopted professional design group formed single tuned filter reactor and capacitor filter, under the resonant frequency, XCn = XLn, can approximate short-circuit loop is formed on the harmonic, in view of the characteristics of harmonic absorption filter. In effective. Ask an expert to solve medium frequency furnace power problem.
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