Intermediate frequency furnace when pouring molten iron dust

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-12
Pour molten iron at the time of the intermediate frequency furnace dust removal technology how much an one hour 075 intermediate frequency furnace hot metal answer: general steel 50 minutes a furnace, the furnace will be 075 tons. Whether intermediate frequency furnace for hot metal for lining damage a: a third of the molten iron too much normally depends on how you are furnace heat quenching will have an impact on the life of the furnace try not to leave too much hot. Intermediate frequency furnace need power consumption per ton hot metal how many degrees? A: our company one and 12 t, 30 t last month, the average power consumption is 667 kw per ton, large-tonnage power factor is low and medium frequency furnace must be reasonable to control the power factor, otherwise, the lower but electricity power consumption while will be fine, it's not like that. How to make the intermediate frequency furnace hot metal insulation answer: when the intermediate frequency furnace hot metal melting, molten iron to achieve the required temperature, reduce the power of intermediate frequency furnace, keep the power on a smaller value, furnace hot metal temperature rise, no longer is no longer falling, thus realized the function of heat preservation. Five tons of intermediate frequency furnace how long a furnace hot metal normal answer: you should this stove in 80 minutes on average, do you have in this 90 minutes is normal, after all, the fire power small, generally the fire power in 3500-5 t About 4500 kw. The stove time differences between domestic and imported 10% 15%. Not to say that the import of the furnace power is great, but the conversion efficiency is high, save electricity. My company a vibration suzhou wu 20 tons of intermediate frequency induction coil, furnace burning into the second answer: induction coil, if water is not too serious is can not open for rapid repair of induction coil, furnace, but can only be temporary remedies, stay needs to be playing furnace furnace life is due to induction coil, to repair the leaking area thoroughly with brazing, specific steps: http://wwwhtdl168com/Demo_ShowNewsasp? news_id = 181。 Two tons of intermediate frequency electric furnace for a long time not melting, when the first furnace smelting, pour molten iron smelting medium frequency furnace hot metal dusting answer: when blow-in have checked inspection before, main is whether the water is fluent, lining damage and so on. Medium frequency furnace melting grey illiquid what reason be? How to solve? How to pour molten iron in intermediate frequency furnace dust removal answer: I tell you, I hope you can understand. The above has some say the lack of silicon. Yes, less silicon, liquidity is large. More importantly, you may also be less carbon. Why is that? It has to do with medium frequency furnace melting characteristics. Many do not pay attention to this problem, I'm looking for opportunities, just don't know how many will see. The intermediate frequency furnace smelting process, single. Intermediate frequency electrical furnace hot metal slow, what reason is there? 075 medium frequency electric stove a: silicon controlled rectifier is damaged, in casting material with iron manifolds,,,. Intermediate frequency electric furnace with iron ore smelting iron directly? Pour molten iron at the time of the intermediate frequency furnace dust removal answer: I can do it, can use half iron, with half of the ore, plus the high temperature and carboniferous. Intermediate frequency furnace when pouring molten iron removal technology data
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