Intermediate frequency furnace water cable accessories

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-06
Intermediate frequency furnace water cable accessories technology an intermediate frequency electric furnace into electricity hot wire what answer: 1, wire root ( Near the terminal) Fever, wiring is false, need to remove the clear thread again. 2, wire fever but all by hand holding is not hot, is normal. 3, all hot and hot wire, wire size is fine, must be in line. 600 kw intermediate frequency electric furnace 50 meters cable need to choose how much cable intermediate frequency furnace water cable accessories a: distance is not long, basically need not consider the problem of pressure drop. But of intermediate frequency furnace is not clear, so can't give you advice. In aggregate, if you must use a main cable, can consider to use 300, if you can. Intermediate frequency furnace is 160 kw, how to choose the cable and motor selection medium frequency furnace water cable accessories answer: very similar to the motor, if the constant power with constant power furnace, power factor can reach 09 power equal to three times the voltage times the current multiplied by the square root of the power factor. But when considering the low power factor, line diameter increased by twenty percent. Not recommended with cable, heat dissipation is not good. With multiple BV wires, namely good connection and cheap, the effect is good, one square millimeter wire unit price. The 800 kw intermediate frequency electric furnace needs to choose how much section of copper core cable? Intermediate frequency furnace water cable accessories a: 800 kw of power, using a single-phase, three-phase or voltage is how many? To determine the current, and then select cable! A: each phase power 800/3 = 266 kw, 266 kw per phase current = 700 a / 380 v, the copper wire in 6 - each side load current 8 a, so the copper wire cross-sectional area is controlled in 100 square, the three phase four wire around 11 millimeters in diameter of more than 500 v power cable; Also in 800 kw / 1 intermediate frequency current. 400 kw intermediate frequency furnace need how much copper core cable accessories a: intermediate frequency furnace water of a two hundred and forty, 50, a real 35 should be done, but there are two wire and current distribution problems, or so for the 50 wires.
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