Intermediate frequency furnace to produce several harmonic

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-13
Intermediate frequency furnace to produce several harmonic technology encyclopedia rectifier transformer 3150 k Ⅴ A, 4 sets of 24 pulse, for 4 sets of intermediate frequency furnace, produce A: lc. The reactor of the main role of intermediate frequency furnace? Please give a hand to answer: the main purpose of the reactor is regulated. Resistance to flow. Eliminating harmonic. Intermediate frequency furnace harmonic treatment USES active filter is better? Or passive filter a: informal speaking, the choice of intermediate frequency furnace harmonic governance, according to the enterprise targets and the case may be: 1, if only in order to guarantee the operation of equipment, you can choose to passive filter mode. Cheap, while 65% harmonic filter can also provide reactive power compensation, can make the equipment normal operation, to avoid equipment damage, and so on and so forth. Intermediate frequency furnace harmonic influential to floodlight? A: there are affected. Medium frequency furnace is very important harmonic source in electric equipment, its produce a large number of harmonics in the operation process, thus power grid pollution, increase the voltage distortion rate of system, power grid voltage instability. Distortion of voltage on electric equipment will cause serious influence to normal operation of the equipment. Omni and electric equipment, when used in harmonic ring. Reactive power compensation for help: medium frequency furnace answer: hey hey reactive power compensation equipment in our company is engaged in the research and development, production and sales of 30 years, novice often have a similar problem to us. Like this: we know to the data, the power factor of intermediate frequency furnace roughly around 076 ~ 083. Is not high. If you don't do reactive compensation, it will be fine by power supply bureau. However, the low power factor of intermediate frequency furnace. Inductherm how much how many intermediate frequency furnace only filter capacitor and harmonic resonance capacitance intermediate frequency furnace to produce only a few times a: intermediate frequency furnace filter capacitor and resonant capacitance is determined according to the power of the medium frequency furnace. For intermediate frequency furnace filter unit, several sets of successful operation of the equipment, voltage distortion rate, power factor are completely conform to the requirements of the assessment of power supply department. Medium frequency melting furnace, for example, when work is divided into three stages: heating temperature stage, the working current and high harmonic content. Intermediate frequency furnace harmonic content calculation of intermediate frequency furnace to produce several harmonic answer: - 5 times - 30% of fundamental wave current - 7 times - The fundamental wave current 11-13% - Other fundamental wave current harmonic negligible 11% (the total harmonic content of base wave) 30%² +13%² +11%² ) = 345%. Our factory has two 1600 kva transformer parallel operation, the following equipment has the answer: it depends on their own requirements and bear ability. Passive filter has the advantage of low cost, according to the harmonic characteristics of main frequency, set up special suppression filter circuits; Active filter disadvantage is that the cost is too high, it is mainly for harmonic sampling, and then release the harmonic frequency, and is equal to the size of the electromotive force, the direction is opposite, be neutralization; In general. Using the intermediate frequency furnace harmonic treatment equipment? A: there are two kinds, one kind is a passive filter, is a kind of active filter. The effect of the active filter is better, but the price is quite high; Passive filter's price is much lower, but relative to the effect, and the active filter still has certain gap. Intermediate frequency furnace reactive power compensation and harmonic treatment! ! ! A: intermediate frequency furnace to produce a few harmonic current application, most is the most valuable passive filter, can be in harmonics and compensate reactive power. Of course, there are active filtering scheme, but this is several times higher, less commonly used from the consideration on the economy. Intermediate frequency furnace to produce several harmonic technical information medium frequency furnace, converter, dc motor harmonic treatment technology. Hotline: answer: zero intermediate frequency furnace to produce a few harmonic LC - device profile RXI filter compensation device is a kind of economical single tuned filter and compensation device, in view of the characteristics of harmonic filtering. Filter branch adopted professional design group formed single tuned filter reactor and capacitor filter, under the resonant frequency, XCn = XLn, can approximate short-circuit loop is formed on the harmonic, in view of the characteristics of harmonic absorption filter. In effective. Harmonic effect? A: we can produce filter medium frequency furnace is the medium frequency induction furnace, it is a rapid and stable metal heating device, and its change by frequency conversion device to three-phase ac power frequency for single-phase medium frequency alternating current. The power supply AC - usually adopted DC - AC transformation way, will offer 50 group h of the alternating current power grid by the whole bridge rectifier current for dc, through the filter, and then through the inverter device for load. How to solve the medium frequency furnace harmonic interference frequency furnace to produce several harmonic answer: intermediate frequency furnace in use to produce a large number of harmonic, harmonic pollution in the power grid is very serious. Harmonic make and use in power transmission efficiency is lower, the electrical equipment overheating, vibration and noise, and make its insulation ageing, reduce the service life, even down or burned; Harmonic can cause local parallel resonance or serial resonance power system, the harmonic content.
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