Intermediate frequency furnace - Thermal shock thermal stress

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-15
Intermediate frequency furnace thermal shock thermal stress. Intense heat, thermal shock refers to the type of wall inner surface temperatures soared, intermediate frequency furnace and outside surface is still in the low temperature, both inside and outside temperature difference is very big. Internal due to external constraints when heated cannot free expansion, and thermal stress is produced. The thermal stress to compressive stress in the inner wall type and outer layer for the tensile stress. When the stress exceeds the tensile strength of the metal mold material, outside the wall type ^ surface cracks. Working stress. Centrifugal type metal working under high speed, the metal mold to withstand high temperature molten iron and its own quality produce the large centrifugal force, which requires the metal mold must have higher strength and stiffness.     If the intensity and rigidity is not enough, the mold causes deformation, crack and the mark, which not only affect the quality of the casting pipe, also can cause decannulation difficult. Intermediate frequency furnace work surface wear when overturn speedof from a metal mold, stuck pipes of vertical force and not smooth on the surface of the metal mold, and have larger wear effects on metal mold, especially when there is white cast iron pipe surface layer, the wear and tear of metal mold and the mark is more serious. The effect of metal mold material centrifugal cast pipe with metal mold material should have high hot strength, good thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient, etc. Grey cast iron compared with the thermal properties of carbon steel. The thermal shock coefficient of carbon steel, high thermal conductivity than the gray cast iron.     At the same time, the yield strength of intermediate frequency furnace is higher. Therefore, general carbon steel metal mold service life is longer than the life of grey iron metal mold. Currently used by foreign water-cooled metal mold centrifugal casting pipe of metal cut chemical composition to join a small amount of chromium and molybdenum main purpose is to improve the steel hardenability, refine the grain, improve the high temperature strength and hardness. The United States, Germany, the representation of the centrifugal type with a metal chemical composition. Studies have shown that increase the content of alloy elements such as chromium, nickel can prolong the life of metal mold.     Heng Yang intermediate frequency furnace factory direct sale, price concessions; Using high quality brass, quality guaranteed, quick proofing, can try the sample, 1 - 3 working days for shipment, the equipment is widely used, multipurpose use can satisfy customers, after-sales staff to provide 24-hour door-to-door service, to quickly solve the problem if furnace where some sell | how much is a set of intermediate frequency furnace in induction heating, melting, forging the advantages of intermediate frequency furnace characteristics and safety procedures are the distinctive features of intermediate frequency furnace and main use in detail
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