Intermediate frequency furnace tapping cycles

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-13
Intermediate frequency furnace tapping cycle technology encyclopedia principle of intermediate frequency furnace steelmaking is? A: medium frequency furnace is a kind of will power frequency 50 hz alternating current into intermediate frequency ( More than 300 hz - 10000 hz) And induction coil, power supply units, deserve to go up. Intermediate frequency furnace steelmaking steel tilting furnace out, left a black residue in the hearth answer: black residue is slag, also known as the steel slag. He has many components, the formation of iron oxide, a furnace wall dry slag material, there are other impurities by high temperature melt after the formation of the dross, and so on, in a word, is composed of all the garbage in molten steel dregs. Almost no way to prevent this, if the raw material is clean, there are not many impurities, so the slag. Scrap steel need what equipment, answer: scrap steel need equipment - Intermediate frequency electric furnace steelmaking - Small electric furnace steelmaking, ( In our country in liaoyang, plump, LeLing, taizhou, high efficiency) Medium frequency melting furnace - The main points of the intermediate frequency furnace steelmaking is introduced as follows: a smelting, steelmaking tasks. 1 acid lining material: carbon steel smelting. Quartz sand ( 20/40) 40%, quartz sand, 50/100) 5 ~ 2% ( Plus) 2%, water ( Plus) 。 Quartz sand should be magnetic separation, remove the ferromagnetic material. Alkaline lining: for alloy steel smelting. Magnesia ( A 4 x 4 mm sieve) 96%, refractory clay, No. 100. Intermediate frequency furnace molten steel during heating up a: why is boiling medium frequency furnace tapping cycle is not boiling, boiling evaporation and molten steel to achieve the evaporation temperature is very high this phenomenon is a kind of stirring is called the principle of electromagnetic stirring for intermediate frequency furnace is generated eddy current electromagnetic induction phenomenon in steel and heating melt mixing is caused by eddy current and the induction coil current rejection at the same time also can produce low hump phenomenon is near the liquid steel. The maintenance of the common sense answer: medium frequency furnace oven for dry type furnace, furnace of steel is not out. When the oven must be based on the principle of add sauce and infill, avoiding local flint and melt the tank, make the dry material to collapse. So try to save a few small in front of the oven. At the same time in the process of heating up to strictly observe the steel case, when a dozen arc serious should reduce current, if the current in the lead. How to cut carbon medium frequency furnace, don't tell me what carbon reduction agent, and I know that with a: intermediate frequency furnace lining refractories is acid, ferric oxide, CaO can remove harmful composition and carbon reduction, the furnace body harm is big, can dramatically reduce the useful service life of furnace body, this is the biggest defect medium frequency furnace steelmaking, there is no good method, so on into the furnace charge we will strictly control, reasonable collocation burden is key, banned from pig iron burden. Intermediate frequency furnace answer: how to increase steel medium frequency furnace tapping cycle to increase the liquid steel, under the condition of without changing the thickness of the lining, only raised a way, is the high furnace lining out the aluminum panel. 1 tons of intermediate frequency furnace and its induction coil diameter in 72 centimeters, the 1300 kg steel should be very easy to do. I did a medium frequency furnace, the inner diameter of only 68 cm, induction coil, the furnace lining was former master. How to improve the quality of molten steel medium frequency furnace steelmaking? Intermediate frequency furnace tapping cycles a: just a melting scrap steel, medium frequency furnace smelting process without oxygen, such as refining slagging agent means, so the intermediate frequency furnace molten steel under the influence of PZH steel material, improve the steel quality is mainly in the intermediate frequency furnace after a few steps behind, namely refining outside the furnace and the quality control of continuous casting mould. What are the common faults intermediate frequency furnace? A: common fault analysis and processing method of intermediate frequency furnace: first: fault phenomenon: equipment cannot be started, started only dc ammeter have instructions, dc voltage no instructions, intermediate frequency voltage. Analysis: a has short pulse trigger inverter phenomenon; B thyristor inverter breakdown; C capacitor breakdown; D load has a short circuit, grounding phenomenon; E intermediate frequency signal. Intermediate frequency furnace technical data medium frequency furnace for scrap steel cycle requirement? 吗? 吗? 吗? A: ha ha intermediate frequency furnace is somewhat like the induction cooker, POTS can be used. Intermediate frequency furnace is his fever to smelting steel with high frequency electromagnetic field. So high carbon steel, alloy steel, etc. , under the high frequency electromagnetic field is not very good fever, so can't. So, demand for steel, you can judge myself. The difference between induction medium frequency furnace and electric furnace, which make steel? The advantages and disadvantages? Answer: medium frequency furnace tapping cycle actually not steelmaking with medium frequency furnace, is to melt the steel, the impurities in the steel can't take out, can only rely on slag. This is a disadvantage. Advantage is that it turns out that some elements of the steel basic don't loss, can reduce the amount of valuable elements to add, reduce the cost. Arc furnace can be burnt up all the impurities in the steel scrap and precious metals, and then add the various elements as required.
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