Intermediate frequency furnace tank circuit conductor

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-13
Intermediate frequency furnace tank circuit conductor technology encyclopedia wire diameter, number of turns of the motor, and around the root number, each slot wire number is what? Answer: the wire diameter is the diameter of the conductor. A bare wire diameter and the size of the belt after insulation, wire diameter when electromagnetic computing refers to the bare wire diameter, but considered when calculating the tank full rate after insulation wire diameter. Number of turns is the number of turns of each coil and winding, the winding a coil, coil winding machine, at the same revolutions. And round number used for wire diameter smaller wire is wound, solve difficulties, embedding and. Short-circuit how to measure a: intermediate frequency furnace capacitance of the capacitor amount of copper platoon apart to one electrode, if the resistance is zero, illustrate the electrodes have been a short circuit. Each capacitance measurement. Intermediate frequency electric furnace and intermediate frequency voltage dc voltage is how many answer: should be slot way matching unreasonable, frequency tracking does not work, the work frequency deviation slot way too far, namely frequency deviation resonance point too far, cause too much electricity. Why dc voltage rise not to go up, intermediate frequency furnace flow through a: should be slot way matching unreasonable, frequency tracking does not work, the work frequency deviation slot way too far, namely frequency deviation resonance point too far, cause too much electricity. Additional wires embedded tunnel, the installation is to point to what answer: first of all, explain whether tunnel inside or outside the tunnel under the anchor and anchor, just structure is not the same. Do not know to have attention on a line contact line and carrier cable not by complete a wire connecting, about 12 km - but the pioneers 14km( May be longer or shorter) Connect wires, this way of composition. Wire/wire/wiring terminal/plug between the small head is called a: the thing, scientific name called 'crimping terminal', are also commonly known as 'line nose'. Need to wire stripping pliers and terminal crimping pliers. 1500 kw of intermediate frequency furnace should use how much copper platoon intermediate frequency furnace tank circuit conductor a: assuming that the voltage is 400 v, current I = 1500/400/1732 = 2165 ka = 2165 a; For large current bus, to reduce heat loss per square millimeter commonly take 1 - 15 a, so the copper platoon area is 1443 - 2165 was $160 to $120 * 12 * 14, suggest the minimum use 120 x 12 copper platoon. What are the common faults intermediate frequency furnace? A: common fault analysis and processing method of intermediate frequency furnace: first: fault phenomenon: equipment cannot be started, started only dc ammeter have instructions, dc voltage no instructions, intermediate frequency voltage. Analysis: a has short pulse trigger inverter phenomenon; B thyristor inverter breakdown; C capacitor breakdown; D load has a short circuit, grounding phenomenon; E intermediate frequency signal. Of wire across the road without joint, that is how to connect, do not understand, the answer: wire without joint across highways, refers to cross. How to receive how can receive after cross. Please comment, one of the intermediate frequency furnace power thyristor always burn, answer: one of the intermediate frequency furnace power thyristor always burn the reasons: 1, the inverter SCR intermediate frequency furnace water-cooled water or replacement of water-cooled cooling down. To observe the water yield of water jacket and sometimes pressure is enough, but often due to water quality problems, in the water-cooled walls attached to a layer of scale, due to the differential scale is a kind of thermal conductivity of objects, although there are. Intermediate frequency furnace tank circuit conductor wire technical data path tangent plane curve is what do you mean a: wire refers to the way of measuring the control points of attachment, the tangent is refers to the road alignment design and the direction of the tangent line, plane curve is the way of linear, usually consist of a straight line, the easement curve and circular curve. What is the tube voltage oscillation trough road. I am a novice, help to explain, xie answer: we put in the oscillation circuit consists of main components of vibration resonance circuit called oscillation trough road! ( LC、CR、) And active the major loop the voltage on both ends of the oscillation circuit is called tank circuit voltage! ( In parallel and series resonance) Tube oscillation of tank circuit voltage is very high! It is more oscillation tube plate load loop! ( 250 - 350 v! ) 。 What is the tank circuit resonance frequency a. ' Electronic standard terminology 】 : 【 groove road dianzibiaozhunshuyu】 :CaoLu【 English 】 :tankcircuit【 Classification 】 : the technical method and the device about the use of images to launch' The definition of slot way 】 : A circuit or resonance loop. In contains capacitance and the inductance of the circuit, if the capacitance and inductance in parallel, may appear in a very small time. The characteristics of the expressway traverse survey and the difficulty? Intermediate frequency furnace tank circuit conductor a: overpass to assure traffic conflict, and in road, railway junction built Bridges. Widely used in highway and urban road traffic in the busy areas. According to cross form is divided into: (1) bridge crossing. On both lines. Is divided into separate and interoperable. The former only guarantee that the vehicles on the lower line independently; The latter can enable the lower level. 250 kw intermediate frequency furnace, how many square of intermediate frequency furnace tank circuit conductor is copper platoon USES a: 250 kw intermediate frequency furnace output frequency voltage is 750 v, intermediate frequency electric current 330 a, capacitor tank circuit current is more than 8 times of intermediate frequency current, around 3300 a coin to choose 10 x150mm enough. Transmission lines in the specification lead level offset is to point to? How to define? A: if it is in operating procedures, is refers to the line wire under the action of horizontal wind, swaying to the limit position on the ground when the vertical projection and the original position of the vertical projection distance. If it is mentioned in the construction specifications, may be is: by a corner tower resistance wire hanging point of the cross arm width deviation cause line position, to eliminate this situation, the requirements on the basis of the tower.
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