Intermediate frequency furnace steelmaking - Prepare the items - before melting Foshan constant Yang mechanical and electrical company

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-09
Intermediate frequency furnace steelmaking boot, first check the master charge application, does labor tools ready, furnace control panel is exposed. Each 2 furnace as a group, will be in ferrosilicon, manganese slag, generate, heat preservation agent are prepared ahead of time in a timely manner, according to on the mantelpiece middle depots. Scrap steel material must be prepared in a timely manner, if owe material point of the furnace. Insulation rubber on the mantelpiece bedding set, should be set aside clearance is prohibited. Intermediate frequency furnace steelmaking equipment new intermediate frequency furnace steelmaking furnace charge strictly enforce new roasting furnace processing technology regulations to carry out the heating furnace, baking time should be more than 2 hours. First add a glass sucker ingredients in furnace maintenance burden, not promised the massive material immediately add empty furnace, then connect power, then furnaceman should immediately add ingredients are scattered around the fire furnace, ban off the mantelpiece, ferrite core punch only allows application in heating furnace, other time shall not be admissible applications. Guangdong intermediate frequency furnace steelmaking disk hanging from a quarry on the suspended material of furnace, by furnaceman to scrap steel to express sorting, express sorting out the flammable explosive content immediately into the special collection box, and carried out by the furnace of intermediate frequency furnace steelmaking security for the record. Flammable explosive material special boxes placed at the center of the two furnace, everyone not to move. Furnace charge, before feeding to handmade furnace of scrap steel after careful express sorting, length less than 400 mm of material, intermediate frequency furnace steelmaking furnace by long established that already after carefully select material can use suction cups to add, traffic command for each furnace of small furnace charge, long car glass sucker crane operator does not allow charging introducted the extension characteristics of medium frequency melting furnace working principle of intermediate frequency induction melting furnace of medium frequency melting furnace characteristics and applications of precious metals smelting equipment | how to perform the characteristics of medium frequency melting furnace medium frequency melting furnace equipment check intermediate frequency furnace - How to improve the service life of crucible medium frequency melting furnace - IGBT rectifier circuit
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