Intermediate frequency furnace special transformer 660 v

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-09-26
Intermediate frequency furnace for 660 v technology an intermediate frequency electric furnace needs much transformer? A: it depends on how powerful you choose, the parameters of the transformer and you choose the parameters of the power supply in general 3 tons of intermediate frequency electric furnace with 1500 kw intermediate frequency power supply, then the capacity of transformer should be greater than or equal to 1800 kva. But if you require smelting faster, then choose 2000 kw intermediate frequency power supply, then at least is 2400 kva transformer capacity. Variable pressure. 3 tons of intermediate frequency electric furnace need much transformer special medium frequency furnace transformer 660 v a: 3 tons of intermediate frequency electric stove will need the following working voltage 500 v, heat insulation class is F of special transformer. With special purpose transformer known as special transformer. Transformer except for ac voltage conversion, and various other USES, such as the change of power frequency, rectifier equipment of the power, the power of the electric welding equipment, electric power and voltage transformer, electric. Hello, teacher. 15 tons of intermediate frequency furnace, rated power 500 v. I need with special medium frequency furnace transformer answer: 660 V power rating is W or KW, not V, 500 KW ( Or is 500 w) , the choice of transformer power than with 500, want to consider security, and power factor, high power need to carefully calculate the maximum current, increase about 20% is normal. Intermediate frequency furnace transformer grounding line empty pick what special medium frequency furnace transformer 660 v a: induction equipment hit someone, not safe. Transformer ( 变压器) The principle of electromagnetic induction is used to change ac voltage of the device, main component is the primary coil, secondary coil and iron core ( Magnetic core) 。 Main functions: voltage change, current change, impedance transformation, isolation, voltage regulator, Magnetic saturation of transformer) And so on. According to use can be divided into: power transformer and special. Total capacity of 6000 kva, 4 units of 1000 kva transformer, special transformer in one of the three for intermediate frequency furnace a: 660 v is obviously your company total load more than the original reporting for total capacity of 6000 kva, your high pressure setting value is high, but it is made to 6000 kva substation setting value. So you don't trip, substation tripping. Overload in severe cases, it is recommended that the expanded. A 500 kg of intermediate frequency furnace, if I use a transformer of 315 kva, whether a: definitely! Within the 700 a dc current control, no adverse impact to the transformer. In my experience, had seen many 500 kg of the furnace, the dc current control within the 800 a, a few years. Only the good and bad are intermingled of market of current transformer, used, refurbished, production process does not pass, and so on many, plus the unit using a confirmed. Intermediate frequency furnace transformer model name 2000 kw, a 10 kv and 1000 v, a: upstairs formula I think is wrong, should be P = 1732 UI actual rated current I = 1155 a and you the high side of the actual current transformer for the 200 a, so I think you for a long time in a state of overload. A: what is used in the vacuum intermediate-frequency furnace transformer is commonly step-down transformer, 750 v / 375 v, similar to quenching transformer, one is isolated, is a median step-down. 400 kw intermediate frequency furnace to match how intermediate frequency furnace transformer dedicated transformer 660 v answer: use 500 kva transformer, if you want to save the machine cost is recommended to use 250 kva change especially, Star ox transformer) 。 The medium frequency transformer of intermediate frequency electric furnace ark have what special role of intermediate frequency furnace transformer 660 v a: intermediate frequency transformer is high voltage low voltage to signal function. Generally from compensation capacitance on both ends of the intermediate frequency voltage signal, through the intermediate frequency transformer ( Also called feedback transformer) Dropping into 10 ~ 15 v signals, to the control panel is used to track the frequency and overvoltage protection; A to the intermediate frequency voltage meter and frequency table as shown. I hope it can help you, electrical ZhuanYeTuan for. Intermediate frequency furnace for 660 v intermediate frequency furnace technical data of medium frequency transformer is a: what special medium frequency furnace transformer 660 v style is similar to the transformer transformer. Inside the control cabinet, near integrated plate. Choose a: how much of a transformer 750 kilograms of intermediate frequency furnace and smelting weight it doesn't matter the size of the size and your medium frequency power supply transformer power. This kind of power supply for a long time operation suggestion power accounted for sixty percent of transformer capacity up to seventy. Medium frequency induction furnace with the problem of transformer. Special medium frequency furnace transformer 660 v a: domestic intermediate frequency electric furnace in the 70 s, configuration of transformer is 1:2 melting rate generally now commonly domestic intermediate frequency electric furnace configuration of transformer is usually 1:1 some industries still by 2-1 (rapid melting according to the production process requirements to determine the furnace and the transformer capacity. Illustrate 1:2 left 1 KW right for 2 kg. 30 t intermediate frequency furnace to how much capacity of the transformer is appropriate thanks a: transformer capacity should be 24000 kva, but should use rectifier transformer change this. If it is 12 send wave stove should be 12000 * 2 kva.
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