Intermediate frequency furnace smelting grey cast iron charge calculation

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-07
Intermediate frequency furnace smelting grey cast iron charge calculation relevant recommendation [ The high-quality goods] Intermediate frequency furnace smelting iron ball charge calculation method Road passenger baba medium frequency furnace melting cast iron charge calculation e) LinLin smelting furnace, furnace P = P< 025%, furnace furnace C 32%, 081%, 206% Mn Si furnace furnace, furnace S & lt; 008%, P furnace & lt; 025% 2 furnace with a) Furnace scrap rate ratio. 20%. b) 。 Intermediate frequency furnace smelting iron ball charge calculation method on December 8, 2017 - Known needed for molten iron carbon content to an average of 34%, according to the type is C burden on % = 32%; b) Burden for silicon content in hot metal known average 175% silicon content, silicon melting loss was 15%, the Si burden = 175. Medium frequency furnace melting charge calculation of linear programming to solve - - - - - - - The foundry technology, 2016, January 5, 2016-01 Based on the batching calculation formula of castings, the intermediate frequency furnace smelting melt linear programming model is established, and by using linear programming module of EXCEL software to establish the spreadsheet. Through an example, introduces its application and instructions. How high manganese steel smelting ingredients 3 t of intermediate frequency furnace, for example I want Mn18Cr2 materials, smelting steel practice best answer water * need to repair/alloy element content * amount received rate - Oxygenating elements according to the 3 t steel, the adding of 75% of the carbon ferromanganese is: 004/0,75 * 3000 * 095 - oo4 = 120/06725 = 17843公斤( 09. Intermediate frequency electric furnace charge calculation on June 21, 2019 - Four, elements, adding calculation of C, Si, Mn, same burning loss and absorption rate is different. Mn furnace - Mn=75%( Mn content) X( 1 - 20%) Assume that manganese absorb 20% X per one hundred kilograms of molten iron adding Mn adding amount of iron. Five, the furnace. How to improve the efficiency of intermediate frequency furnace production? Spot welding machine _ _ wuhan wuhan intermediate frequency welder _ wuhan automation burden of scientific management plays an important role in improving the efficiency of intermediate frequency furnace production. Sulfur three elements shall be counted by ingredients, use a variety of furnace charge reasonable collocation, the furnace capacity, the alloy type, summarized some steel melting iron.
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