Intermediate frequency furnace smelting copper technology advantage in where

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-05-06
Intermediate frequency furnace smelting copper technology advantage in where? For this device, a lot of people are not very clear. If it is not actually engaged in this industry is not clear is also very normal. Want to learn this art, but also really to study professional knowledge well. Also want to go to specialized training institutions for training. Building energy-saving today will give you introduce what is medium frequency furnace melting copper technology. Intermediate frequency furnace smelting copper technology first: where is the advantage of intermediate frequency furnace is easy to operate, warming faster with lower energy consumption, to ensure optimal and stable melting process, and reduce the melting pot all the workers work. New technology, new material, new craft, improves the performance of the intermediate frequency furnace and use effect is increasingly perfect, shows more and more strong vitality, obtained remarkable social and economic benefits. The second: in terms of frequency conversion device of the original SCR intermediate frequency devices give full play to its light weight, high efficiency, fast start, save electricity, the advantages of the melting speed is quick, simple manufacturing process, adopts frequency automatic tracking system, can be automatically with the load frequency control without switching capacitor. In recent years, the intermediate frequency furnace adopts advanced IGBT inverter induction heating device, the element intensity is high, the performance zhuo, start better, use a more reliable, simple and convenient maintenance, covers an area of less, more advanced manufacturing technology. Third: medium frequency furnace of the furnace lining of adopting new structure, new materials, the proximity sensor coil part with high insulating high strength material segregation, greatly extend the service life of the crucible and furnace village, easier to replace the crucible, the graphite crucible and quartz crucible heating efficiency is much taller than using refractory crucible, shorten the melting time, make the heat loss is greatly reduced. Intermediate frequency furnace top temperature of 2600 ℃, especially suitable for the smelting of platinum, gold, k gold, silver, copper, aluminum and other metals, electrical efficiency up to 90 ~ 95, can obtain ideal economic efficiency. Fourth, compared with other types of melting furnace, intermediate frequency furnace is higher than the power by electromagnetic induction heating of metal, thus warming melting fast, do not need the frit and residual metal liquid, only with crushed materials or materials can also be melting, very suitable for intermittent operation with frequent and metal brand change, there is a lot of adaptability and flexibility. Today the equipment of medium frequency furnace melting copper technology introduction to this. Through the above study, the use of the device is known to all the way? Building energy-saving with professional knowledge, so if there are other equipment problems can be consulting to build energy-saving oh.
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