Intermediate frequency furnace - Smelting and duplex smelting aluminum die casting

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-05
Social and economic development of the industry widely used in industrial equipment products, aluminum die casting of all machinery and equipment turnning 45 ~ 90%, and suggests that the aluminum die casting is an important part of industrial equipment products. Pig iron smelting is a key link in the process of manufacturing aluminum die casting, aluminum die casting is all decision-making quality one of the important factors. Using medium frequency furnace smelting and duplex smelting of pig iron, is to improve pig iron smelting process, one of the effective ways to improve the quality of cast iron, sodium iron production process is all over the world the direction of the development trend. In the key regional manufacturing aluminum die casting, without exception is an important intermediate frequency furnace melting furnace and double with furnace. At present, the UK and Japan with induction of intermediate frequency furnace smelting aluminum die casting of aluminum die casting share guarantee or early more than 20% of the total cost, and the former Soviet union with induction coil and duplex smelting of intermediate frequency furnace smelting aluminum die casting, has pledged 210 in 1980. More than 80000 tons, accounting for 11 of the total cost of the aluminum die casting. 7%, in some European energy demand plenty of regional, pig iron smelting most possession of medium frequency induction furnace smelting and duplex smelting replaced the cupola smelting. Intermediate frequency furnace smelting and duplex smelting of pig iron, * to control composition and temperature of the iron, with good product quality, cast iron pieces of high productivity, low labor productivity, less environmental pollution and a series of advantages, envy and other cast iron smelting mutatis mutandis, to circulate and considering the demands of intelligent system for forging production and manufacturing, to reduce the cast iron pieces of thick and has created necessary conditions could improve the mechanical parts, it equipment for China so that all social and economic development has an important practical significance.
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