Intermediate frequency furnace series resonance frequency inverter circuit

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-13
Intermediate frequency furnace series resonance frequency inverter circuit technology, an intermediate frequency furnace circuit master come in, please. A: under the condition of the same power, the series resonance than parallel resonant current, low voltage work ( In the series resonance inductance capacitance voltage is far higher than the total voltage circuit) ; Parallel resonance is smaller than series resonant current, high working voltage, In the parallel resonant inductance capacitance is much higher than the current circuit on the total current) 。 Due to the electronic switch pressure drop is certain, so large current. Intermediate frequency furnace series resonance is what? Intermediate frequency furnace series resonance frequency inverter circuit answer: 1, the series resonance refers to the LC series circuit, the sum of the impedance just to 0, so the whole circuit is purely resistive, the loop impedance is minimum, the current will be the biggest. May cause overvoltage in power system, so the voltage harmonic in power system is refers to 2, the so-called parallel resonant circuit in the LC suddenly turn hostile, and both the impedance of the equal, so when the harmonic. What is the intermediate frequency furnace series resonance answer: a, eliminate harmonic disturbance caused by the medium frequency furnace, mainly has the following several ways: 1, LC filter filter: filter medium frequency furnace system harmonic is the traditional way of LC filter, LC filter is one of the traditional passive harmonic suppression device, the filter capacitor, reactor and resistor properly combined and become, and the harmonic source in parallel, in addition to the filtering effect, and reactive power. Series resonance medium frequency furnace coil circle number how to calculate? And check. Answer: the coil number of turns is the power of equipment, frequency and other factors, and the coil and the nature of resonance capacitance impedance matching, he is a overall plan as a whole design calculation, and is not a one-sided, a number of turns the Numbers, there are a lot of electronic books, suggest you detailed understanding, in medium frequency electric furnace factory after many years of theoretical and field experience. Intermediate frequency furnace power supply series resonance single output power and the thyristor power supply is the answer: SCR power refers to the power source of KGPS, refers to the types of power supply, like IGBT power supply, and silicon controlled rectifier ( KGPS) The power supply. And series resonance is refers to the power supply mode of resonance, a parallel and series, general series resonance of power supply or can be used in double output ( Yituo 2) Some used in single output. Series resonance medium frequency furnace burning Kk pipe is how to return a responsibility? A: Kk burned because more bad flow and cooling. 1, the maximum current limit Kk, make its within the rating. 2, install the Kk water-cooled reliable, especially center positioning convex point must be reliable fixation. 3, check the cooling jacket water flow, water cooling Kk will soon be destroyed. Voltage values in the intermediate frequency induction coil, furnace is a: how much for the resonant circuit and coil in series circuit, the resistance, capacitance and inductance in the series circuit, a power, voltage, current and phase phenomenon, called series resonance, its characteristic is: the circuit is purely resistive, power, voltage and current with phase, reactance X equal to zero, the impedance Z is equal to the resistance R, the impedance of the circuit at this time the minimum, the maximum current, on the inductance and capacitance.
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