Intermediate frequency furnace scrap steel chemical composition of the standard

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-12
Scrap steel chemical composition of intermediate frequency furnace neutral standard technique an intermediate frequency furnace lining with what material, Scrap steel or cast iron) The oven? Intermediate frequency furnace scrap steel chemical composition standard answer: general for alumina ( Corundum) Lining; Also has more special, dry ramming material for alumina gel adhesive, by a certain ratio of the particle size, corundum, magnesia and spinel mixed powder of lining material; Material is characterized by high melting point; After sintering pressure is higher; Sintering layer, hardening layer is formed after sintering, loose bed; Sintering temperature is higher, 1650℃) ; Faults. Recycling scrap metal (2013 Copper, aluminum, zinc, tin, scrap metal, scrap a: intermediate frequency electric furnace melting scrap metal, it is very appropriate. Intermediate frequency electric furnace equipment can melt the common metals, non-ferrous metals, steel, medium frequency furnace melting equipment is also a flexible transformation, a copper, the iron furnace lining is not the same as long as change the lining, power regulation can be achieved. 'Ningbo divine radiation electric furnace co. , LTD. '. Intermediate frequency furnace steelmaking when how to cut down the carbon content of steel scrap for example from zero intermediate frequency furnace scrap steel chemical composition standard answer: generally just melting scrap, intermediate frequency furnace don't adjust the carbon content! If you want to adjust the carbon content, oxygen blowing off carbon oxide, it don't have this ability, also have no test ability.
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