Intermediate frequency furnace safety risk

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-14
Intermediate frequency furnace safety risk technology what wikipedia is medium frequency furnace medium frequency furnace safety risk a: intermediate frequency furnace, also called intermediate frequency electric furnace, it is a kind of will power frequency 50 hz alternating current into intermediate frequency ( More than 300 hz - 1000 hz) Induction coil, power supply units, deserve to go up and compensation capacitor, applied the principle of electromagnetic induction heating equipment, widely used in non-ferrous metal smelting. Intermediate frequency furnace which unit tube, on the basis of what is? Answer: the bureau of quality and technical supervision of special equipment safety inspection institute. Special equipment manufacturing license in order to standardize the mechanical and electrical category, to ensure the safety of the mechanical and electrical kind of special equipment manufacturing quality and technical performance, is based on 'special equipment safety supervision regulations' and 'special equipment quality supervision and safety supervision regulations'. Intermediate frequency furnace operators by electricity is what a: insulation problems. Must be kept clean in the hearth, not regular cleaning of scale in the hearth, found a knot off places must use the same material mends and drying. In addition, check whether there is a hose leakage or water penetration? If it is a heating furnace, furnace with two stainless steel, in the furnace inlet pressure over the head with a stainless steel screw. Intermediate frequency furnace pouring workers safe operation related questions to answer: item is not very clear, but the details of intermediate frequency furnace cast workers safe operation, in the 'divine furnace' website technical articles with detailed introduction, you can go to search. Intermediate frequency furnace causes of harmonic, and how to governance. A: intermediate frequency electric furnace is due to the power frequency inverter for medium frequency power supply by the rectifier, in the process of the work for grid produced a large number of damaging the higher harmonic, is one of the largest harmonic source in power grid load. Harmonic will seriously affect the safe operation of power grid, such as harmonic current in the transformer, high frequency eddy current to generate additional iron loss, make the transformer overheating, reduces the output of the transformer capacity. Intermediate frequency furnace maintenance common sense A: silicon controlled rectifier is good or bad judgment A measurement gate ( 门将) Resistance, the resistance in 8 - commonly - - Measurement of Yin and Yang (50 b AK) Resistance measurement should be open, measurement in K - in the road - - Note: in the multimeter is positive and negative way or open in the medium frequency power supply circuit, the test method can only be simple judge of silicon controlled because of the size and usage of SCR is different, the test. Intermediate frequency furnace will have leakage phenomenon? A: star if after the intermediate frequency furnace transformer, if leakage is more easily hurt, if not grounded, the leakage of the voltage to ground for real voltage, you should pay attention to safety. Wear shoes bottom thick insulation is better, this will reduce the feeling of hemp electricity. Stainless steel medium frequency furnace melting should pay attention to what matters? Intermediate frequency furnace safety risk a: intermediate frequency furnace are doing now are safe, as long as the perusal manual operation method, pay attention to the temperature of cooling water, generally there is no too much attention. Before wearing in medium frequency furnace safety risk a: what are the symptoms of intermediate frequency furnace 1 observe furnace wall thickness distribution, probably understand the parts will be punched. 2 after each furnace hot metal pouring, observe whether the lining is the part of the black mark. 3 in the part of the black mark, supplement the reoccupy after with sand. 4 for the sake of safety, not sure to stop using it. Intermediate frequency electric furnace operation procedures a: intermediate frequency electric furnace operation procedures: 1, check whether the water drainage systems, the hydraulic pressure gauge is normal, the pipe is leaking. Electric control cabinet of the feed water pressure for 01 mpa, condenser water pressure 008 mpa, furnace feed water pressure for 02 mpa, transformer of the feed water pressure as 01 mpa. 2, water after normal through to protect the tank control power supply first, in the start of transformer. Intermediate frequency furnace harmonic of intermediate frequency furnace technical data security risk? A: in the power supply system, always want to ac voltage and ac current sinusoidal waveform. Intermediate frequency furnace for a typical nonlinear load, however, the current becomes non sine wave, non-sinusoidal current produced in the power grid impedance voltage drop, can make the voltage waveform becomes non sine wave. Intermediate frequency furnace during normal operation, produce a lot of harmonic current, current harmonic distortion rate is about 30%. Intermediate frequency furnace grounding device is not ready, have what effect on equipment? Intermediate frequency furnace safety risk a: safety and normal work of equipment itself won't have what effect, however, to contact staff of intermediate frequency furnace to get an electric shock, such as radiation safety concerns. The reactor of the main role of intermediate frequency furnace? Please give a hand to answer: the main purpose of the reactor is regulated. Resistance to flow. Eliminating harmonic.
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