Intermediate frequency furnace resistance furnace

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-09-27
Intermediate frequency furnace resistance furnace bile technology encyclopedia furnace answer: what is the intermediate frequency furnace furnace, intermediate frequency furnace you refers to the mold, rammed lining and lining. Intermediate frequency furnace furnace can't pull it out to do intermediate frequency furnace resistance furnace bravery a: furnace melting got directly, is laborious and new stove was broken, not worth, don't study. Y how intermediate frequency furnace smelting stainless steel carbon overweight? Furnace is a refractory material: stainless steel smelting and vacuum refining, the carbon to below a few, we usually give customers are with AOD/VOD refining stainless steel! Specific contact. What are the common faults intermediate frequency furnace? Answer: 1, the startup system without any reaction (1) rectifier board failure; (2) over current, over voltage protection action; (3) the main switch is not together; (4) control tuning work potentiometer damage or break; (5) rectifier control power supply part of the bad. 2, only dc voltmeter has instructions, other no reaction (1) inverter board and inverter circuit fault; (2) the inverter power supply failure. No 22 v inverter pulse power supply. Note:.
Collectively, the effect of scrap melting furnace on industrial society has been to eliminate induction heating furnace for forging and drastically reduce the time long associated with steel melting induction furnace.
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