Intermediate frequency furnace reactor sound reasons

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-12
Intermediate frequency furnace reactor fullness sound reasons sound technology, an intermediate frequency electric furnace reactor: what's the matter? A: a fullness that have low frequency oscillation. Related to humidity. Transfer of high power medium frequency furnace reactor chug rang what reason is there? A: check KK pipe, may be burned or performance. The intermediate frequency furnace reactor smoke. How to judge of reactor? ? Intermediate frequency furnace reactor sound reasons answer: see to what extent bai, and not smoking can't use, ha ha ha the smoke that is common, especially in winter, or cooling water is too dirty, closed or scaling is too much, not enough water. Can not see they smoke. Insulation breakdown of fall very little. If it is a low voltage power supply, such as 380 v so smoke can also be used, a kv power supply is in the best. Intermediate frequency furnace startup silicon rectifier has inverse conduction reactor make clicking sound, worker answer: should be continued LiuSheng. Dc voltage instability, intermediate frequency furnace reactor loudly answer: reactor loudly, because too much current ripple component in the reactor, dc voltage regulator is controlled thyristor there are questions, which may be of the thyristor bridge arm not work or not is controlled. Intermediate frequency furnace used in the power supply into the line inductance and capacitance on capacitance, electric answer: the inductive reactance value is proportional to the current frequency, so the reactor is to block the higher harmonic current, prevent the peak voltage damage of intermediate frequency equipment in power semiconductor and capacitance ark in both capacitor, reactor, in fact every all the way is a capacitor and reactor concatenated together, form a tuned circuit, filter out five times in the grid. What compensation capacitor with medium frequency furnace reactor answer: the ark of the compensation capacitor of intermediate frequency furnace, in addition to compensate the reactive power of fundamental wave, also have five,7,11 harmonic filter function, the reactor is designed to do, for intermediate frequency furnace when the design of already matched good, can't find a reactor to, be careful in resonance. In the intermediate frequency furnace flat wave reactor/oblique tong. Smoke how to return a responsibility? A: hello. Two sets of intermediate frequency furnace, single open voice, etc all can also, but two at the same time open a: hello, intermediate frequency furnace itself frequency noise is bigger, and the harmonic components of intermediate frequency furnace is very big, the frequency of harmonic is relationship with the power adjustment, experiments show that when the power is very small and power to the largest medium frequency furnace, harmonic component is not the biggest, only in a certain power, harmonic is one of the most serious, so, when both sets of intermediate frequency furnace and achieve a certain operation. Reactor coil is also called water bag in medium frequency electric furnace what role of intermediate frequency furnace reactor sound reasons answer: mainly cooling effect, because the electric furnace are generally large current, so have to add water cooling coil. Intermediate frequency furnace reactor sound reason of intermediate frequency furnace reactor air cooling and water cooling which good technical data of intermediate frequency furnace reactor sound reasons answer: intermediate frequency furnace reactor smoking, may be water or cooling water circuit turn-to-turn insulation falling short circuit, check the cooling water loop is unobstructed or quantity is too small, check insulation breakdown phenomenon is there smoke part, macroscopic observation only. Water hot smoke should be large, Coil as a whole) , water and normal local smoke is likely to be caused by short circuit. Does anyone know how flat wave reactor design in medium frequency electric furnace reactor inductance for intermediate frequency furnace sound reasons answer: the calculation of filter inductance, usually calculated according to the requirement of the following three different inductance, inductance value and then take one of the biggest, at the same time to meet three requirements 1 at a predetermined minimum rectifier current, require continuous current, it is considered medium frequency device to run under low power necessary conditions, discontinuous current inverter can't work 2, in accordance with the requirements of the pulsation coefficient S is calculated. Several of intermediate frequency furnace system reactance is in what position of intermediate frequency furnace reactor sound reasons answer: is a commonly, current after rectification with a flat wave reactor, then to inverter. Reactor is generally installed inside the control cabinet, there are installed on the outside of the control cabinet. On the premise of security as long as the convenience of maintenance, installation location where will do. I have two sets of high voltage motor, how to use the capacitor, near for intermediate frequency furnace medium frequency furnace reactor sound reasons answer: if the compensation on-spot, and power factor of the motor need to need to calculate the target power factor compensation capacitance. Concentrated compensation, if need to consider the power factor of all the work load and the target power factor. Near the intermediate frequency furnace can produce harmonic, specific see pulse rectifier can preliminary judgment that several harmonic is bigger, also can preliminarily determine the reactance rate accordingly. Whether or not. A ton of intermediate frequency electric furnace with much reactor of intermediate frequency furnace reactor sound reasons answer: is a compensation or? If is compensated with the reactance rate of 14%. Shanghai wave main electrical appliances. TengXuXin.
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