Intermediate frequency furnace reactive compensation scheme

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-05
Intermediate frequency furnace reactive compensation scheme technology encyclopedia for help: medium frequency furnace reactive compensation intermediate frequency furnace reactive compensation scheme answer: hey hey reactive power compensation equipment in our company is engaged in the research and development, production and sales of 30 years, novice often have a similar problem to us. Like this: we know to the data, the power factor of intermediate frequency furnace roughly around 076 ~ 083. Is not high. If you don't do reactive compensation, it will be fine by power supply bureau. However, the low power factor of intermediate frequency furnace. Intermediate frequency furnace reactive compensation answer: god light electric data ( Please visit shekinah furnace query more) : in the face of the domestic large number of intermediate frequency furnace and the urgent need of environmental protection and energy saving a lot of manufacturers and try to do a lot of useful efforts. Some manufacturer use system transient protection class, surge, higher harmonic suppression products of intermediate frequency furnace system, practice shows that the intermediate frequency furnace harmonic content more than 85% for low harmonics. Intermediate frequency furnace reactive power compensation and harmonic treatment! ! ! A: most used at present, the highest ratio of passive filter, can be in harmonics and compensate reactive power. Of course, there are active filtering scheme, but this is several times higher, less commonly used from the consideration on the economy. How about intermediate frequency electric furnace configuration reactive compensation ark? Answer: general variable distribution equipment can according to the transformer capacity about a third of estimate reactive compensation capacity. Intermediate frequency electric furnace ( Silicon controlled rectifier inverter device) Power factor should be lower, it is suggested that according to 50% of the transformer capacity configuration ark of reactive power compensation. And the working process of the intermediate frequency circuit, the complex load change, compensation device should be used' Automatic 】 Switching. Mainly use appliances is 500 kva transformer of 400 kva intermediate frequency electric furnace (distribution medium frequency furnace has been reactive compensation plan a: 500 kva transformer mainly use appliances is 400 kva intermediate frequency electric furnace (has distribution capacity) still need to match how much capacitance reactive compensation ark reward points: 0 14 more days until problems over 13 hours if your device running average power factor is lower than the 09, which equipment has a problem, and improve the equipment operation condition, there is no need to add or power frequency compensation capacitance as plus.
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