Intermediate frequency furnace power supply system

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-14
Intermediate frequency furnace power supply system technology, an intermediate frequency furnace steelmaking answer: which is the specific problems, you can say the detailed point, if you have any questions, you can go to search under 'divine radiation electric furnace' website related knowledge, or can be directly consulting divine radiation electric furnace. 。 Medium frequency induction furnace out why a: intermediate frequency furnace power supply system is a chemical composition adjustment is not easy. ZGMn13Cr2MoVTi afraid of a steel grade, such as smelting in medium frequency furnace smelting, is more difficult. When all molten steel, sampling to do during the test, high temperature molten steel to the harm of lining is larger, that is to say, the test time is very short, and test after adjusting chemical composition is not easy. The second is the limited capacity of intermediate frequency furnace. Almost. How intermediate frequency furnace steel-making deoxidizing medium frequency furnace power supply system of a: add deoxidizer in smelting process, react with the oxygen in molten steel, generate new stable compounds, so as to realize deoxidization. The prospects of intermediate frequency furnace steelmaking? Answer: it depends on what you smelting steel, transformer apply now is not good, nor too encouraging countries to this field, because it is high energy consumption. Special steel this country is not too limit, but the market is saturated, the competition is fierce. Money takes up a lot of, it is difficult to see earnings, money takes up on goods, there is customer YaKuan above, do not charge money so. Intermediate frequency furnace induction coil how to calculate a: our intermediate frequency induction coil, furnace are generally not count its brake, and length, thickness, if the measurement is not accurate, or length, number of brake is not accurate, is likely to affect its inductance. How intermediate frequency furnace steelmaking desulfurization answer: no points? That will simplify the answer change slag, build new slag. Have divided the detail then and say, I don't know right oh, but doing so is bound to desulfurization. First, must have a lot of people know, high temperature desulfurization for medium frequency, the temperature is above 1600. Second, the desulfurization is to have a reducing atmosphere, so the slag adding aluminum powder or. How to improve the quality of molten steel medium frequency furnace steelmaking? A: just a melting scrap steel, medium frequency furnace smelting process without oxygen, such as refining slagging agent means, so the intermediate frequency furnace molten steel under the influence of PZH steel material, improve the steel quality is mainly in the intermediate frequency furnace after a few steps behind, namely refining outside the furnace and the quality control of continuous casting mould. Intermediate frequency furnace steelmaking belong to what industry intermediate frequency furnace power supply system of answer: metallurgy and foundry industry. Intermediate frequency furnace steelmaking compared with rotary kiln which is low cost? A medium frequency furnace power supply system: medium frequency furnace, its characteristic is melting speed, energy-saving effect is good, burning less iron material, low energy consumption; Due to electromagnetic induction hot guaranteed since the strong stirring, melting temperature and metal composition is adjustable and uniform, the molten iron is of good quality and ensured the equipment for producing high quality castings. How to take off a: P in medium frequency furnace steelmaking dephosphorization is the condition of large amount of slag and high ferric oxide. Ha ha. Intermediate frequency furnace power supply system of medium frequency furnace steel-making technical data after steel tilting furnace out, left a black residue in the hearth answer: black residue is slag, also known as the steel slag. He has many components, the formation of iron oxide, a furnace wall dry slag material, there are other impurities by high temperature melt after the formation of the dross, and so on, in a word, is composed of all the garbage in molten steel dregs. Almost no way to prevent this, if the raw material is clean, there are not many impurities, so the slag. Intermediate frequency furnace steelmaking carbon reduction method what power supply system of medium frequency furnace answer: I think I this person is to add iron oxide reduction of carbon steel, the principle is the iron was carbon reduction, carbon into carbon dioxide, don't bring in other impurities in the molten steel theory, I didn't also how wise they effect, may have the effect otherwise they can't often to Riga, you try it on, the theory must be effective, iron oxide is treated with resistance furnace heating carbon steel. Intermediate frequency furnace steelmaking can use iron powder pellets? A: intermediate frequency furnace power supply system is not very understand what you said iron powder pellets was oxidized pellets or direct reduced iron ( Metal pellets) 。 The former, mainly with the blast furnace smelting for molten iron first, which can use the intermediate frequency furnace smelting. Originally scrap + direct reduced iron ( Metallized pellets) Is a respected burden structure. Dream in the steel mills in a medium frequency furnace steelmaking intermediate frequency furnace power supply system: dream of iron - — Writing on the wall. Dreaming of iron business. . . — To get rich. Women dream of using iron cooker - — Her husband's revenues, live in poverty. Dreaming back send iron. . . — Will close. Dream of work in iron - — Hard work can be difficult. Intermediate frequency furnace steelmaking answer: how to get to the sulfur intermediate frequency furnace power supply system how to sulfur intermediate frequency furnace steelmaking can ask our lines of professional manufacturers. Intermediate frequency furnace steelmaking in billet rupture is how to return a responsibility? Answer: if you are sure the composition of molten steel is no problem if this problem can only be continuous casting is a problem with the two cold water formula.
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