Intermediate frequency furnace power prices

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-12
Intermediate frequency furnace power price technology an intermediate frequency electric furnace power supply adopting series inverter power supply, please answer: series and parallel compared with 1, don't need to add compensation ark, without the harmonic of power grids. 2, start-up success rate high, in sensor or load starting well, don't have to. 3, power saving 20%. 4, high initial purchase cost of equipment. Medium frequency power supply in the field of industrial applications have? Answer: the answer is as follows: a heat-sensitive equipment co. , LTD. Xi 'an branch letter ten years has been focused on medium frequency power supply, intermediate frequency electric furnace, medium frequency furnace, melting furnace, heating furnace in the r&d, manufacturing and sales services; Of intermediate frequency furnace, melting furnace, heating furnace, intermediate frequency power supply, intermediate frequency electric furnace won the national CCC compulsory certification of high-quality products! We welcome you to contact with the first-class services. Intermediate frequency furnace, there are two power supply cabinet and a control cabinet, sometimes answer: start the intermediate frequency furnace power prices intermediate frequency furnace, there are two power supply cabinet and a control cabinet, sometimes at startup is ark of a power supply without current voltage, another power supply cabinet has current voltage, intermediate frequency voltage to 800 will not go up, to stay for a while can tune up, in tone. Starting igbt medium frequency furnace, the dc current is normal, but the master board shows a: drive generally only under-voltage fault and fault, if you do not determine both fault, try using block driver. Bitumen heated to 1200 degrees with what jar, heard that is a medium frequency power supply medium frequency furnace power prices: medium frequency power supply and medium frequency electric furnace is the metal, by means of electromagnetic induction heating asphalt can adopt the way of indirect heating, master of intermediate frequency electric furnace electrical is medium frequency power supply. I want to ask, frequency converter, intermediate frequency furnace can achieve the goal of energy saving, intermediate frequency furnace power price answer: in theory, frequency converter can be control of intermediate frequency furnace, to be honest, seen not thousands of intermediate frequency furnace, several hundred affirmation is some, but have never been used. Reason may be that there are two aspects: first, the frequency converter control cost is very high, may the inverter cost than the cost of intermediate frequency furnace, if the two together, with. Intermediate frequency furnace maintenance common sense A: silicon controlled rectifier is good or bad judgment A measurement gate ( 门将) Resistance, the resistance in 8 - commonly - - Measurement of Yin and Yang (50 b AK) Resistance measurement should be open, measurement in K - in the road - - Note: in the multimeter is positive and negative way or open in the medium frequency power supply circuit, the test method can only be simple judge of silicon controlled because of the size and usage of SCR is different, the test. How much is the intermediate frequency furnace power supply requirements specification? Gave birth to a general power supply manufacturer: medium frequency furnace of the power supply has no special requirements, quality is bad or other reasons, if the local power grid is likely to harmonic elimination device. The general power supply with the furnace can't literally, involve the issue of impedance matching and frequency, bad match easily result in low efficiency or burn the thyristor. MPU, genuflect is begged 3 new12 vein of intermediate frequency electric stove power board debugging shows that medium frequency furnace power price a: 61 w1 ( 1If) Rectifier bridge maximum output current setting potentiometer (1 Intercepting) And two bridge current balance trimmer potentiometer, when there is a current feedback when can set the maximum output current, clockwise as minimum, maximum the adjusting range is about 2 times. Over current without adjustment, when intercepting value to adjust value of overcurrent be 14 times automatically. When two bridge current imbalance. The power of the medium frequency furnace tank a few boards of intermediate frequency furnace power price a: most of the constant power is a piece of old two blocks, rectifier, inverter, and has a protective plate, many manufacturers are various, the old equipment is more than a dozen pieces. Intermediate frequency furnace power supply price technical information medium frequency furnace power supply voltage is how many intermediate frequency furnace power supply price answer: how much of a medium frequency electric furnace equipment. 005 t ~ 15 t intermediate frequency of complete sets of equipment, the power supply into line voltage 380 v, 500 kg of above can also be 720 v, line voltage is different. And furnace voltage is bigger. Baidu / / ningbo shekinah, intermediate frequency enterprise. Want to be a medium frequency electric furnace, with a 220 v power supply, power supply is used to small pieces of metal with intermediate frequency furnace price answer: now it is a professional manufacturer, make your own estimation according to the high cost, the 220 v into line may be used. KGPS thyristor medium frequency power supply with IGBT medium frequency power supply what is the difference? The intermediate frequency furnace power prices a: fu walter electric manufacturing co. , LTD. Hebei: KGPS medium frequency power supply compared with IGBT of intermediate frequency power supply power supply type KGPS medium frequency power supply IGBT medium frequency power supply power saving situation normal power saving 10% ~ 20% compared with KGPS harmonic interference with IGBT series resonant power supply full power runtime interference source side size low power really true power factor with IGBT series full power runtime. Medium frequency power supply used in the intermediate frequency furnace must use all control three-phase rectifier? Direct intermediate frequency furnace power price a: your question is very professional? With three-phase bridge rectifier can not be directly! ! ! Why with full control of three-phase rectifier is: when work properly it can make the output dc voltage rectifier bridge, and adjustable dc voltage levels, which regulates the output medium frequency power in fault state when it can make the size of the rectifier bridge into a state of inverter, the energy stored in the filter reactance is returned. Why couldn't get on the power of intermediate frequency power supply? How to solve? Intermediate frequency furnace power prices a: intermediate frequency electric furnace in use process, often appear the power couldn't get on the problem of intermediate frequency power supply, this is what causes? Today, let small make up to analyze the reasons and some solution.
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